2021 Tobago House of Assembly election

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2021 Tobago House of Assembly election

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All 12 seats in the Tobago House of Assembly
7 seats needed for a majority
  Tracy Davidson-Celestine
Leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine Farley Augustine[a]
Leader since 27 January 2020 24 November 2019[b]
Leader's seat Running in Lambeau/Signal Hill[1] Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside
Last election 10 seats, 54.68% 2 seats, 30.96%
Current seats 10 2
Seats needed Steady Increase5

Incumbent Chief Secretary

Ancil Dennis

The 2021 Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election is scheduled to be held in January 2021 where 12 members will be elected in the eleventh election since the Assembly was established in 1980,[2] this election marks the first time in Tobagonian history that a woman leads a major political party or a political party with representation in the Assembly, following the 2020 Tobago Council of the People's National Movement leadership election where former Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador to Costa Rica and former Deputy Chief Secretary of Tobago Tracy Davidson-Celestine was elected as the People's National Movement (PNM)'s first female political leader and one of the first multilingual political leaders in Tobagonian history. If the PNM is elected, Davidson-Celestine would become the first female Chief Secretary of Tobago.

Electoral system[edit]

All twelve members are elected via first-past-the-post.


All Tobagonians and Commonwealth citizens aged 18 or over, legally resident in Tobago and who have resided in an electoral district for at least two months prior to the election date are entitled to vote in the elections.[3]

Parties and candidates[edit]

Political parties registered with the Elections And Boundaries Commission can contest the House of Assembly election as a party. The following registered parties are contesting the House of Assembly election:

Party Founded Ideology Lead candidate Lead candidate's seat Leader(s) Leader since Leader's seat Last election Current Seats Notes
% party vote Seats
PNM 1955 Centre to centre-left, Liberalism, Social liberalism, Moderate nationalism Tracy Davidson-Celestine Running in Lambeau/Signal Hill[4] Tracy Davidson-Celestine January 2020 Running in Lambeau/Signal Hill[4]
10 / 12 (83%)
10 / 12 (83%)
PDP 2016 Tobagonian independence Farley Augustine Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside Watson Duke July 2016 Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Delaford
2 / 12 (17%)
2 / 12 (17%)
OTV 2019 Tobago regionalism TBD TBD Hochoy Charles[5] October 2019 not founded
UTP 2020 Tobago regionalism Nickocy Phillips Buccoo/Mount Pleasant Nickocy Phillips[6] July 2020 not founded

Lead candidates[edit]

On 24 November 2019, incumbent Minority Leader in the Tobago House of Assembly and Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke publicly endorsed incumbent assembly member for Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside and PDP deputy political leader, Farley Chavez Augustine, as the party's lead candidate for the election. Following the 2020 Tobago Council of the People's National Movement leadership election held on January 19, 2020, Tracy Davidson-Celestine was elected as the party's first female political leader and thus the lead candidate for the PNM.

Marginal seats[edit]

The following lists identify and rank seats by the margin by which the party's candidate finished behind the winning candidate in the 2017 election.

For information purposes only, seats that have changed hands through subsequent byelections have been noted. Seats whose members have changed party allegiance are ignored.

  = appears in two lists
Marginal seats by party (with winning parties and margins from the 2017 Tobago House of Assembly election)
1 Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside 7.91% 1 Goodwood/Belle Garden West 0.23%
2 Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Delaford 13.80% 2 Providence/ Mason Hall/Moriah 14.11%
Safe 3 Plymouth/Golden Lane 26.62%
4 Canaan/Bon Accord 33.09%
5 Scarborough/ Calder Hall 33.69%
6 Lambeau/Signal Hill 38.20%
7 Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden 38.33%
8 Bacolet/Mount. St. George 41.01%
9 Bethel/Mt. Irvine 42.01%
10 Buccoo/Mount Pleasant 51.57%
1 Bethel/Mt. Irvine 23.78%
Source: Tobago House of Assembly Elections, 2017 – Final Result

Assemblymen not standing for re-election[edit]

Retiring incumbent Electoral District Term in office Date announced
Jomo Pitt PNM Lambeau/Signal Hill 2013–2021 26 June 2020[7][8][9][10]

Candidates by district[edit]

  • Names in boldface type represent party leaders/chief secretary/chief secretary candidates.
  • † represents that the incumbent is not running again.
  • ‡ = Running for re-election in different district
  • § represents that the incumbent was defeated for nomination.
  • ₰ represents that the incumbent ran in another district and lost the nomination
  • ‡ represents that the incumbent is running in a different district.
Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
Bacolet/Mount. St. George Joel Jack Megan Morrison   Joel Jack
Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Delaford Neil Beckles Watson Duke   Watson Duke
Bethel/Mt. Irvine Shomari Hector Terance Baynes   Shomari Hector
Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden Kelvon Morris Abby Taylor   Kelvin Charles
Buccoo/Mount Pleasant Ancil Dennis Jamie Baird Nickocy Phillips   Ancil Dennis
Canaan/Bon Accord Clarence Jacob Joel Sampson   Clarence Jacob
Goodwood/Belle Garden West Boxil Bailey Faith Yisrael   § Hayden Spencer
Lambeau/Signal Hill Tracy Davidson-Celestine Wayne Clarke   † Jomo Pitt
Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside Rory Dillon Farley Augustine   Farley Augustine
Plymouth/Golden Lane Melissa James Guy Zorisha Hackette   § Marisha Osmond
Providence/ Mason Hall/Moriah Kwesi Des Vignes Ian Pollard   § Sheldon Cunningham
Scarborough/ Calder Hall Marslyn Melville-Jack Trevor James   Marslyn Melville-Jack

Electoral Districts[edit]

All 12 electoral districts are up for election.

Electoral District Turnout Previous control Result
Bacolet/Mount. St. George PNM
Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Delaford PDP
Bethel/Mt. Irvine PNM
Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden PNM
Buccoo/Mount Pleasant PNM
Canaan/Bon Accord PNM
Goodwood/Belle Garden West PNM
Lambeau/Signal Hill PNM
Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside PDP
Plymouth/Golden Lane PNM
Providence/ Mason Hall/Moriah PNM
Scarborough/ Calder Hall PNM
Source: EBC

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  1. ^ Augustine was publicly endorsed as the PDP's Chief Secretary candidate on 24 November 2019, but Watson Duke is party leader.
  2. ^ Augustine was publicly endorsed as the PDP's Chief Secretary candidate on 24 November 2019, but Watson Duke is party leader.

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