21st Army (Wehrmacht)

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21st Army
21. Armee (AOK 21)
Active27 April 1945
Disbanded8 May 1945
Country Nazi Germany
Only commanderKurt von Tippelskirch

The 21st Army was a German field army in World War II.

On 27 April 1945, towards the end of the war in Europe, the 21st Army was formed from Headquarters, 4th Army[1] as part of Army Group Vistula (Heeresgruppe Weichsel) and fought until 8 May 1945.


No. Commander Took office Left office Time in office
Kurt von Tippelskirch
Tippelskirch, KurtGeneral der Infanterie
Kurt von Tippelskirch
27 April 19458 May 194511 days


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