3rd Battalion, 28th Marines

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3rd Battalion 28th Marines
Country United States of America
Branch United States Marine Corps
TypeInfantry regiment
RoleLocate, close with and destroy the enemy with fire and maneuver
Part ofInactive
EngagementsWorld War II Vietnam War

The 3rd Battalion 28th Marines (3/28) is an inactive infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps. They were part of the 28th Marine Regiment and 5th Marine Division and fought during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. They were activated again for the Vietnam War but were deactivated after the war and remain inactive today.


Battle of Iwo Jima[edit]

They were assigned to land at green beach after D-Day. On D-Day, 1st Battalion, 28th Marines (1/28) and 2nd Battalion, 28th Marines (2/28) would hit green beach. 3/28 was summoned in the battle earlier than expected. 3/28 helped fight for Mount Suribachi. On D-Day plus four the mountain was secured by a platoon from 2/28. After the capture of Mt. Suribachi the entire 28th Marine Regiment was thrown in the fight for the northern half of the island.

On the night of March 24, 1945, the final organized Japanese combat unit made a final charge at the 28th and 26th Marines. 53 Americans and 262 Japanese were killed in the attack. The island was declared completely secure a few hours later. After the war, 3/28 was deactivated.

Vietnam War[edit]

They were re-activated during the Vietnam War and participated in many campaigns in the northern areas of South Vietnam.

Unit awards[edit]

A unit citation or commendation is an award bestowed upon an organization for the action cited. Members of the unit who participated in said actions are allowed to wear on their uniforms the awarded unit citation.[1] 3/28 has been presented with the following awards:

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