42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic)

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42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic)
Active1947 - Present
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
RoleGeographic support
Size4 squadrons (2 geographic, 1 geographic support & 1 reserve)
Garrison/HQRAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire

42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic) is a Royal Engineers regiment of the British Army. The regiment, formed originally in 1947, provides field deployable geographic services, including geodetic survey, terrain analysis, information management and dissemination and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).[1]

The regiment consists of four squadrons:[2]

  • 13 Geographic Squadron
  • 14 Geographic Squadron
  • 16 Geographic Support Squadron
  • 135 Geographic Squadron RE (Reserve)


In February 1947 a cadre of 19 Topographic Squadron RE moved to Egypt, which for a short time was styled 19 Field Survey Regiment R.E. This became 42 Survey Engineer Regiment on 31 August 1948 and was based in RAF Fayid.[3] During 1948, 13 Field Survey Squadron arrived in Egypt and its personnel were absorbed into the regiment but were later reformed in Tolworth, the squadron would eventually come under the command of the regiment on 4 March 1968 and formally amalgamated on 16 March 1972. 13 Squadron took the role of rapid map production around this time and still maintain this.[4][5]14 Field Survey Squadron remained in Germany following the Second World War, and provided geographic support to HQ BAOR. 14 Squadron deployed to Northern Ireland in 1973 in the infantry role, in 1995 the Squadron moved to Ayrshire Barracks, Mönchengladbach, this was its last home in Germany before it was eventually reunited with the regiment in July 2013 ahead of their move to Wyton.[6] The regiment, later known by its current name of 42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic), occupied Denison Barracks in Hermitage for many years until July 2014 when the regiment in moved to RAF Wyton and joined Joint Forces Intelligence Group.[7]

The regiment operates the Tactical Information and Geospatial Intelligence Systems (TIGAS) vehicle system as part of the Field Deployable GEOINT (FDG) capability.[8]



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