51st government of Turkey

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Tansu Çiller

The 51st government of Turkey (5 October 1995 – 30 October 1995) was a minority government led by Tansu Çiller.


Both the 49th and 50th governments were True Path Party and Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) coalition governments, but after SHP merged with Republican People's Party(CHP) and Deniz Baykal was elected as the new leader of CHP, CHP stipulated an earlier date for the scheduled elections, and the coalition came to end.

The government[edit]

Title[1][2] Name Party
Prime Minister Tansu Çiller DYP
Deputy Prime Minister Necmettin Cevheri DYP
Minister of State
Cavit Çağlar DYP
Ali Münif İslamoğlu DYP
Aykon Doğan DYP
Esat Kıratlıoğlu DYP
Rıfaeddin Şahin DYP
Ayvaz Gökdemir DYP
Ömer Barutçu DYP
Mehmet Batallı DYP
Baki Tuğ DYP
Işılay Saygın DYP
Mehmet Selim Ensarioğlu DYP
Ministry of Justice Bekir Sami Daçe DYP
Ministry of National Defense Vefa Tanır DYP
Ministry of the Interior Nahit Menteşe DYP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Coşkun Kırca DYP
Ministry of Finance İsmet Atilla DYP
Ministry of National Education Turhan Tayan DYP
Ministry of Public Works and Settlement Tunç Bilget DYP
Ministry of Health and Social Security Doğan Baran DYP
Ministry of Transport Ali Şevki Erek DYP
Ministry of Labour and Social Security Ateş Amiklioğlu DYP
Ministry of Industry and Commerce Abdülbaki Ataç DYP
Ministry of Culture Köksal Toptan DYP
Ministry of Tourism Bilal Güngör DYP
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Şinasi Altınel DYP
Ministry of Agriculture and Village Affairs Nafiz Kurt DYP
Ministry of Forestry Hasan Ekinci DYP
Ministry of Environment Ahmet Hamdi Üçpınarlar DYP


The government couldn't receive the vote of confidence on 13 October 1995. For the next 17 days, it served as a caretaker government.


Preceded by
50th government of Turkey
(Tansu Çiller)
51st Government of Turkey
5 October 1995 – 30 October 1995
Succeeded by
52nd government of Turkey
(Tansu Çiller)