54 Days

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54 Days
54 Days poster.jpg
Directed byTim R. Lea
Produced by
  • Nicholas Andrew Halls
  • Ravi Kambhoj
Written byTim R. Lea
  • John Michael Burdon
  • Michael Drysdale
  • Dianna LaGrassa
  • Michela Carattini
  • Gregory J Wilken
Music byDimitri Mentis
CinematographyNathaniel C.T. Jackson
Release date
  • 6 November 2014 (2014-11-06) (30 Dies Festival)
Running time
84 minutes

54 Days is an Australian science fiction thriller film written and directed by Tim R. Lea, and produced by Nicholas A. Halls and Ravi Kambhoj. The film is the feature length remake of a short film[1] of the same name and plot, cast and crew, which was made in 2013 for the Western Digital Project Sci Fi competition in Sydney, Australia. The world premiere of 54 Days was held on 6 November 2014 at 30 Dies festival[2] in Andorra. The Australian premiere was on 16 November at the Sci-Fi festival in Sydney, and was released on video on demand the same day.


In a post-apocalyptic world, five people are trapped in a nuclear shelter after a biological/nuclear attack.


  • John Michael Burdon as Anthony
  • Gregory J Wilken as Dirk
  • Dianna LaGrassa as Elisabeth
  • Michela Carattini as Michelle
  • Michael Drysdale as Nick


Short length[edit]

The short length version of 54 Days was made for the 28-day "WD Project Sci Fi" competition, in October 2013. The filmmakers had to write, film and produce a film of maximum 10 minutes within 28 days, being given only a core theme. Tim R. Lea's team was given the post-apocalyptic theme. The film got into the finals and was nominated for best script and best editing awards.

Feature length[edit]

"The story was driven by my passion for “healthily controversial” thrillers; looking towards exploring sometimes difficult and challenging issues – especially with moral dilemmas that none of us would want to face. When your own survival being at stake, it is the most primal instinct, and we wanted to explore what would we does human beings to survive. This form of dilemma is so interesting on a number of different levels."

—Tim R. Lea, director of 54 Days, on the film.

After receiving positive feedback for the short length version of 54 Days, the production team decided to remake the story, this time as a feature-length film. To finance the project, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on February 2014.[3] The goal was set to $54,000 with a time limit of 54 days. The campaign was successful and raised $54,127.[4]

Most of the filming was done during the Easter break of 2014 in Oxford Falls, New South Wales.[3] Everything was shot in four locations (namely a rooftop penthouse, an apartments fire escape, a carpark and a Church Complex studio).


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