6th Wisconsin Legislature

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6th Wisconsin Legislature
5th 7th
Legislative bodyWisconsin Legislature
Meeting placeWisconsin State Capitol
TermJanuary 12, 1853 – January 11, 1854
ElectionNovember 2, 1852
Senate PresidentTimothy Burns
Until September 21, 1853
President pro temporeDuncan Reed
Party controlDemocratic
Assembly SpeakerHenry L. Palmer
Party controlDemocratic
1stJanuary 12, 1853 – April 4, 1853
SpecialJune 6, 1853 – July 13, 1853

The Sixth Wisconsin Legislature convened from January 12, 1853, to April 4, 1853, in regular session. They reconvened from June 6 to July 13 to sit as a court of impeachment for Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Levi Hubbell.

This was the first legislative session after the expansion and redistricting of the Senate and Assembly. The Senate grew from 19 to 25 seats; he Assembly grew from 66 to 82 seats.

Senators representing odd-numbered districts were newly elected for this session and were serving the first year of a two-year term. Assemblymembers were elected to a one-year term. Assemblymembers and odd-numbered senators were elected in the general election of November 2, 1852. Senators representing even-numbered districts were serving the second year of their two-year term, having been elected in the general election held on November 4, 1851, or were elected in the 1852 election for a newly created district and were serving a one-year term.[1]

Major events[edit]

Major legislation[edit]

Party summary[edit]


Senate Partisan composition
  Democratic: 18 seats
  Whig: 7 seats
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Free Soil Whig Vacant
End of previous Legislature 12 1 6 19 0
Start of 1st Session 18 0 7 25 0
from May 1 17 0 7 24 1
from June 8 18 0 7 25 0
Final voting share 68% 0% 32%
Beginning of the next Legislature 22 0 3 25 0


Assembly Partisan composition
  Democratic: 55 seats
  Free Soil: 7 seats
  Whig: 20 seats
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Free Soil Whig Vacant
End of previous Legislature 28 6 32 66 0
1st Session 55 7 20 82 0
Final voting share 67% 9% 24%
Beginning of the next Legislature 51 4 27 82 0


  • 1st Regular session: January 12, 1853 – April 4, 1853
  • Special Impeachment session: June 6, 1853 – July 13, 1853



  • President of the Senate: Timothy Burns, Lieutenant Governor (Until his death, September 21, 1853)
  • President pro tempore: Duncan Reed




Members of the Wisconsin Senate for the Sixth Wisconsin Legislature:

Senate Partisan representation
  Democratic: 18 seats
  Whig: 7 seats
District Counties Senator Party
1 Calumet, Manitowoc, Sheboygan Horatio N. Smith Democrat
2 Brown, Door, Oconto, Outagamie, Marathon, Portage, Waupaca James S. Alban Whig
3 Eastern Washington Andrew M. Blair Democrat
4 Western Washington Baruch Schleisinger Weil Democrat
5 Northern Milwaukee Edward M. Hunter Democrat
6 Southern Milwaukee Duncan C. Reed Democrat
7 Racine John W. Cary Democrat
8 Kenosha John R. Sharpstein Democrat
9 Northern Waukesha George R. McLane Democrat
10 Southern Waukesha Marvin H. Bovee Democrat
11 Dane Thomas T. Whittlesey Democrat
12 Walworth Eleazer Wakeley Democrat
13 Lafayette E. B. West Whig
14 Jefferson Alva Stewart Whig
15 Iowa, Richland Levi Sterling Whig
16 Grant Joel C. Squires Until May 1 Democrat
From June 8 James Wilson Seaton Democrat
17 Western Rock Ezra Miller Democrat
18 Eastern Rock John R. Briggs, Jr. Whig
19 Bad Ax, Chippewa, Crawford, La Crosse, La Pointe, St. Croix Benjamin Allen Democrat
20 Fond du Lac Bertine Pinckney Democrat
21 Winnebago Coles Bashford Whig
22 Dodge Judson Prentice Whig
23 Adams, Marquette, Sauk, Waushara David S. Vittum Democrat
24 Green Thomas S. Bowen Democrat
25 Columbia James T. Lewis Democrat


Members of the Assembly for the Sixth Wisconsin Legislature:

Counties Representative Party
Adams, Sauk Charles Armstrong Whig
Bad Ax, Crawford Hiram A. Wright Democrat
Brown, Door, Kewaunee Randall Wilcox Democrat
Calumet James Robinson Democrat
Chippewa, La Crosse Albert D. La Due Democrat
Columbia 1 Orrin D. Coleman Democrat
2 John Q. Adams Whig
Dane 1 Mathew Roche Democrat
2 Harry Barnes Democrat
3 Storer W. Field Whig
4 Perez C. Burdick Democrat
5 Henry L. Foster Democrat
Dodge 1 Edward N. Foster Whig
2 Whitman Sayles Democrat
3 William M. Dennis Democrat
4 Patrick Kelly Democrat
5 John W. Davis Democrat
6 Edwin Hillyer Democrat
Fond du Lac 1 Nicholas M. Donaldson Whig
2 Charles D. Gage Democrat
3 Isaac S. Tallmadge Democrat
4 Querin Loehr Democrat
Grant 1 Henry D. York Whig
2 Hyman E. Block Whig
3 Titus Hayes Whig
4 Jeremiah E. Dodge Democrat
5 J. Allen Barber Whig
Green Thomas Fenton Democrat
Iowa 1 Henry Madden Democrat
2 Phillip W. Thomas Whig
Jefferson 1 Patrick Rogan Democrat
2 James H. Ostrander Whig
3 David J. Powers Whig
4 William W. Woodman Democrat
5 John Edwin Holmes Democrat
Kenosha 1 Christopher Latham Sholes Free Soil
2 James C. McKisson Democrat
Lafayette 1 Philemon Simpson Democrat
2 Eli Robinson Democrat
3 Nathan Olmsted Democrat
La Pointe, St. Croix Orrin T. Maxson Democrat
Manitowoc Ezekiel Ricker Democrat
Marathon, Portage George W. Cate Democrat
Marquette, Waushara 1 Edwin B. Kelsey Democrat
2 Ezra Wheeler Democrat
Milwaukee 1 Herman Haertel Democrat
2 Edward McGarry Democrat
3 Joseph Meyer Democrat
4 Henry C. West Democrat
5 Richard Carlisle Democrat
6 Henry L. Palmer Democrat
7 William A. Hawkins Whig
8 Enoch Chase Whig
9 John Hubbard Tweedy Whig
Oconto, Outagamie, Waupaca Arthur Resley Democrat
Racine 1 Horace T. Sanders Democrat
2 William H. Roe Democrat
3 Thomas West Democrat
4 Philo Belden Whig
Richland Henry Conner Democrat
Rock 1 Charles Stevens Democrat
2 Harrison Stebbins Whig
3 William D. Murray Whig
4 Harvey Holmes Democrat
Sheboygan 1 David Taylor Whig
2 Charles B. Coleman Democrat
Walworth 1 James Lauderdale Whig
2 John Bell Democrat
3 Oscar F. Bartlett Free Soil
4 Thomas W. Hill Free Soil
5 Joseph W. Seaver Free Soil
6 Timothy H. Fellows Free Soil
Washington 1 James W. Porter Democrat
2 Charles E. Chamberlain Democrat
3 William P. Barnes Democrat
4 Charles Schutte Democrat
Waukesha 1 Winchel D. Bacon Free Soil
2 Edward Lees Democrat
3 Orson Reed Democrat
4 Elisha Pearl Free Soil
Winnebago 1 Curtis Reed Democrat
2 Lucas M. Miller Democrat





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