78th Fraser Highlanders

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78th Regiment of Foot
Country Kingdom of Great Britain
Branch British Army
SizeTwo Battalions
Nickname(s)Fraser's Highlanders
Motto(s)Je suis prest
ColorsWhite or Buff facings
EngagementsFrench and Indian War
Simon Fraser of Lovat

The 78th Regiment, (Highland) Regiment of Foot also known as the 78th Fraser Highlanders was a British infantry regiment of the line raised in Scotland in 1757, to fight in the Seven Years' War (also known as the French and Indian War). The 78th Regiment was one of the first three Highland Regiments to fight in North America.[1]


The regiment was raised in Inverness by Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Fraser of Lovat as the 2nd Highland Battalion and ranked as the 62nd Regiment of Foot in 1757.[2] It was re-ranked as the 63rd Regiment of Foot later in the year.[2] The regiment embarked for Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 1757 and, having been renamed the 78th (Highland) Regiment of Foot, or Fraser's Highlanders in June 1758, it took part in the Siege of Louisbourg later that month, the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in September 1759 and the Montreal Campaign in August 1760.[2] It was disbanded in Quebec in December 1763.[2] In the Seven Years' War, the regiment suffered 103 soldiers killed and 383 wounded.[3]


Colonels of the regiment were:[2]

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