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The 8th Annual Shorty Awards
DateApril 11, 2016 (2016-04-11)
LocationThe Times Center, New York City
Hosted byMamrie Hart
Websitehttp://shortyawards.com Edit this on Wikidata

The 8th Annual Shorty Awards, honoring the best in social media, took place on April 11, 2016, at The Times Center in New York City. The ceremony was hosted by YouTube comedian Mamrie Hart, who was accompanied by Flula Borg as the ceremony DJ. There was a musical performances from Nico & Vinz.

Influencer winners and nominees[edit]

Nominations were announced on January 19, 2016, with public voting closing on February 18, 2016.[1] Winners are listed first and in boldface.[2]

Arts & Entertainment[edit]

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Celebrity
Best Comedian
Best in Dance
Best Musician
Best Singer
Best TV Show

Team Internet[edit]

Best Vine Artist
Best Vine Comedian
  • MeechOnMars
  • Mikaela Long
    • Aaron Doh
    • Gabriel Gundacker
    • J. Cyrus
    • Jamie Costa
Best Vine Musician
  • Us the Duo
    • 80Fitz
    • Marcus Perez
    • Rachel Bobbit
    • Ruth B
    • Trench
Best Web Series
Best YouTube Comedian
Best YouTube Ensemble
Best YouTube Guru
Best YouTube Musician
Snapchatter of the Year
Viner of the Year
  • King Bach
    • Aaron Chewning
    • allicattt
    • Brandon Calvillo
    • Manon Mathews
YouTuber of the Year

Creative & Design[edit]

Best Blogger
  • Momma's Gone City
    • gabifresh
    • Green Wedding Shoes
    • Nicolette Mason
    • Song of Style
    • Urban Bush Babes
Best in Art
  • Matija Erceg
    • Elle Luna
    • Halno
    • Sasha Unisex
    • Spencer Hibert
    • The Art of Plating
Best in DIY
  • ThreadBanger
    • A Beautiful Mess
    • Almost Makes Perfect
    • Joselyn Hughes
    • Mr. Kate
    • P.S. – I made this…
Best in Fashion
Instagrammer of the Year
  • Baddie Winkle
    • JR
    • Passion Passport
    • Robert Jahns
    • Sophie Gamand
    • The Dogist

News & Media[edit]

Best Animal
  • JiffPom
    • BigCatDerek
    • Doug the Pug
    • Marnie the Dog
    • Marutaro the hedgehog
    • Trump Your Cat
Best Author
Best in Food
  • Hannah Hart
    • Clean Food Dirty City
    • How To Cake It
    • Samantha Lee
    • The Infatuation
    • Tiger Tomato
Best in Healthy Living
Best in Parenting
    • Dude to Dad
    • Eh Bee Family
    • Honest Toddler
    • The Unmumsy Mum
    • What’s Up MOMS
Best in Sports
Best Journalist
Best Parody Account
  • Emo Kylo Ren
    • Bros Being Basic
    • Kanye Doing Things
    • Millennials of New York
    • Rick Grimes
    • Tina

Tech & Innovation[edit]

Best in Activism
Best in Education
Best in Gaming
Best in Science
Best in Weird
Best Podcast
Periscoper of the Year
  • Season & Snare
YouNower of the Year


GIF of the Year
  • Pizza Rat, (Matt Little)
    • Dancing Drake plays tennis
    • David Bowie
    • Donald Trump reaction
    • GIF summarizing the six Star Wars movies
    • Shakespearean tragedy
Instagram Photo of the Year
  • Peace for Paris
    • #lovewins
    • Be proud of yourself, and love yourself
    • Can you find me?
    • i bleed each month
    • kendalljenner
Tumblr Blog of the Year
  • Photoshop Your Dreams, (Margaux Espinasse)
    • 2 Kinds of People
    • Cinnaman Bun
    • The Atlas of Beauty
    • The Last Message Received
    • Will It Beard
Vine of the Year
  • Why You Always Lyin, (Nicholas Fraser)
    • Baby says hi to Adele
    • Drake plays tennis
    • Duck Army
    • It's a avocado....fanks
    • Modern Day Aladdin

Brand & Organization Winners[edit]

By Industry[edit]


Best in Auto
  • The Greatest Interception Ever – Volvo Car USA
Best in B2B
  • #BallotBriefcase on Snapchat – PwC
Best Consumer Brand
  • Lucy The Robot – Atomic 212 Sydney, Double Robotics
Best in Education
  • John Jay College Insta-Challenge – VGD, John Jay College
Best in Entertainment
  • Peanutize me! – Ludomade, 20th Century Fox
Best in Family & Parenting
  • Plum Organics®: Parenting Unfiltered – Something Massive, Plum Organics
Best in Fashion, Beauty & Luxury
  • Carol's Daughter #BornandMade – Love Social, Carol's Daughter
Best in Financial Services
  • Meet Halfway – CP+B LA, Noble People, PayPal, Airbnb
Best in Food & Beverage
  • Lovin' The Super Bowl – DDB Chicago, McDonald's
Best in Games
  • HUNT the TRUTH Audio Series – Ayzenberg Group, Xbox/343 Industries
  • LEGO Dimensions: The Ultimate Social Media Collaboration – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Best in Government & Politics
  • The Royal Navy Engineers Recruitment Campaign – e3, The Royal Navy
Best in Health & Fitness
  • #CignaRunTogether at #DisneylandHalf Marathon Weekend – Cigna
Best in Home & Decor
  • The First Ever Pinterest Yard Sale – Deutsch, Krylon
Best in Hospitality
  • Two Bellmen – Marriott International, Marriott Content Studio, SubstanceOverHype, Platform Media Group
Best in Live Events
  • 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival – iHeartRadio
Best in News
  • The New Yorker on Social Media – The New Yorker
Best Non-Profit
  • Crossroads Community Street Fare Social Campaign – Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, Crossroads Community Services
  • Love Has No Labels – R/GA, Ad Council
Best in Pets & Animals
  • RuffLife – breensmith, Friends of Animals
Best in Retail & E-Commerce
  • Live The Fresh Blade Shave – Dollar Shave Club
Best in Sports
  • #MyPlayoffsMoment – National Hockey League and Camp Jefferson
Best in Technology
  • Lucy The Robot – Atomic 212 Sydney, Double Robotics
Best in Television
  • Netflix Narcos Original Series Social Media Campaign – Mistress, Netflix
Best in Travel & Tourism
  • BLAH Airlines – Eleven Inc, Virgin America
Best in Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Hockey Heaven – Rethink, Molson Canadian
  • My Tales of Whisky Yule Log – Diamond Docs on behalf of Diageo submitted by Hunter PR

Content and Media[edit]

Best Use of Animated GIFs
  • The Perfect GIF – Good People, Hulu
Best Contest or Promotion
  • Mr. Robot: Debt Deletion – ISL, NBCUniversal
Best Data Visualization
  • #Cokenomics – Mistress, Netflix
Best Use of Emojis
  • Emoji Ordering – CP+B, Domino's
Best Use of a Hashtag
  • #GayIsOK – Lush Cosmetics + AllOut
Best Use of Live Streaming Video
  • Mr. Robot: Debt Deletion – ISL, NBCUniversal
Best Use of a Meme
  • Straight Outta Somewhere – PMG, Beats by Dre
Best Photography and Graphics
  • High-Five. Give $5. Save Big Cats. – National Geographic
Best Use of Video
  • Wish Writer – Carat and J. Walter Thompson, Macy's
Best Use of Virtual Reality
  • Discovery VR – Discovery Communications

Agency of the Year[edit]

Small Agency of the Year
  • Atomic 212 Sydney
Mid-Size Agency of the Year
  • DDB Chicago
Large Agency of the Year
  • R/GA

Strategy & Engagement[edit]

Best Customer Service
  • Tale of tiger's big adventure highlights airport's commitment to customer service – Hillsborough County Aviation Authority
Best Integration with Live Television
  • The Voice – NBC Entertainment
Best Use of Gamification
  • #CatchDrogon – 360i, HBO/ Game of Thrones
Best Use of Humor
  • Mustang Speed Dating – Team Detroit, Ford Motor Company
Best Online Community
  • @SummerBreak, a single summer told over multiple platforms – AT&T, Fullscreen, The Chernin Group, Astronauts Wanted
Best in Physical & Digital
  • WestJet Christmas Miracle: 12,000 mini miracles – studio m, WestJet
Best Real Time Response
  • Adopt A Life Partner – DigitasLBi New York, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Best Media Buying Strategy
  • Lucy The Robot – Atomic 212 Sydney, Double Robotics
Best Social Media Tool
  • #EveryDayCare – Whirlpool, DigitasLBi and Crowdtap – DigitasLBi, Crowdtap, Whirlpool
Best Creative Use of Technology
  • Netflix socks – Deeplocal, Netflix

By Campaign[edit]

Best Influencer & Celebrity Campaign
  • My Tales of Whisky Yule Log – Diamond Docs on behalf of Diageo submitted by Hunter PR
Best Integrated Campaign
  • Love Has No Labels – R/GA, Ad Council
Best Mobile Campaign
  • Taco Bell Mobile Ordering Application – DigitasLBi, Taco Bell
Best Multi-Platform Campaign
  • #NewWords - Dictionary.com – Collab (www.collabcreators.com), Dictionary.com
  • Endless Table: Havas Worldwide Chicago, Reynolds – Social Good Campaign
Social Good Campaign
  • "Love Has No Labels" Diversity & Inclusion Campaign – The Ad Council
  • Connor's Cure – WWE

By Use of Platform[edit]

Best Use of Facebook
  • Silent Ads – CP+B, Hotels.com
Best Use of Instagram
  • Beats By Dre Straight Outta Compton – R/GA's Hustle, Beats By Dr. Dre
Best Use of Pinterest
  • The First Ever Pinterest Yard Sale – Deutsch, Krylon
Best Use of Snapchat
  • Call of Duty: Hack in Black – Edelman & AKQA, Activision
Best Use of Tumblr
Best Use of Twitter
  • Lovin' The Super Bowl – DDB Chicago, McDonald's
Best Use of Vine
  • Disney Vine – Disney Interactive
Best Use of YouTube
  • Do You Adventure? – NORTH, CLIF Bar
Best Use of an Emerging Platform
  • Mr. Robot: Debt Deletion – ISL, NBCUniversal

By Overall Presence[edit]

Best Facebook Presence
  • AJ+: 2.2 Billion Facebook Video Views in 2015 - AJ+
Best Instagram Presence
  • Airbnb Instagram: @airbnb
Best Tumblr Presence
  • The Real Cost: Reaching youth at risk of experimenting with cigarettes - FCB Garfinkel, FDA Center of Tobacco Products
Best Twitter Presence
  • Casper: The Tweeting Mattress - Casper
Best YouTube Presence
  • Last Week Tonight - HBO


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