9th Generation

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9th Generation
Designer(s)Jeff Siadek
Publisher(s)Jeff Siadek Enterprises
Publication date1986; 35 years ago (1986)
Genre(s)Science fiction
Role-playing game
Playing timeVaries
Random chanceDice rolling

9th Generation is a role-playing game published by Jeff Siadek Enterprises in 1986.


9th Generation is a post-holocaust system of "savage violence, humorously written".[1] The game includes three books: Characters and Combat (36 pages), Game-Master's Guide (16 pages), and an introductory scenario, Desert Ninja, plus a GM's screen.[1]

Publication history[edit]

9th Generation was designed by Jeff Siadek, and published by Jeff Siadek Enterprises in 1986 as a 36-page book, a 16-page book, and a 6-page book in an outer folder, a sample character sheet, a cardstock screen, and an outer folder.[1]



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