9th and 9th, Salt Lake City

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9th and 9th is a small retail and residential neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah located two blocks east of Liberty Park. The area gets its name from the intersection of 900 South and 900 East.

The neighborhood is host to the 9th and 9th Street Festival, held annually.

2007 Renovation[edit]

During the summer of 2007, 9th and 9th received sidewalk and street improvements. Kinetic sculpture art displays inspired by the nine Muses of Greek mythology [1] were installed on all four corners of the intersection. The sculptures were created by Troy Pillow.

The building on the northwest corner has recently been remodeled.

9th and 9th Street Festival[edit]

The 9th and 9th Street Festival is an event held for neighbors and is run annually by a group of neighbor volunteers who actively update the website and social media pages as well as plan, schedule and ultimately unveil each event annually. Typcally host to 100-150 booths made up of artists and varied vendors each year, the festival draws larger and larger crowds in September of each year and has been a gateway to the 9th and 9th community for over 20 years. For a photo history of the event visit their website.

"Sponsored by the East Liberty Community Council, the 9th and 9th Street Festival was conceived as a way to bring neighbors together in what has quickly become one of the city’s most unique, eclectic and desirable neighborhoods. This is a celebration of a neighborhood put on by neighbors. Its free, its fun! bring the dog, the kids, the stroller and come down and join us. We invite musicians, dancers, artists and crafters to make the day."