Aşiyan Asri Cemetery

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Aşiyan Asri Cemetery
Bosphorus from asiyan cemetery.JPG
Bosporus from Aşiyan Asri Cemetery
Aşiyan Asri Cemetery is located in Istanbul
Aşiyan Asri Cemetery
Shown within Istanbul
Coordinates41°04′57″N 29°03′19″E / 41.08250°N 29.05528°E / 41.08250; 29.05528Coordinates: 41°04′57″N 29°03′19″E / 41.08250°N 29.05528°E / 41.08250; 29.05528
Owned byIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
WebsiteİBB Mezarlıklar Md. website

The Aşiyan Asri Cemetery (Turkish: Aşiyan Asri Mezarlığı) is a burial ground situated on Aşiyan between the Bebek and Rumelihisarı neighborhoods of the European part of Istanbul, Turkey.

Many renowned intellectuals, writers and artists rest in this small cemetery, which has a panoramic view of the Bosporus.

Notable burials[edit]

Listed in order of death year: