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AGOVV Apeldoorn
AGOVV Apeldoorn.png
Full nameAlleen Gezamenlijk Oefenen
Voert Verder Apeldoorn
Nickname(s)De Blauwen (The Blues)
Founded25 February 1913
Dissolved11 January 2013
(professional team)
GroundSportpark Berg & Bos,
LeagueDerde Klasse

AGOVV Apeldoorn (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌaːɣeːjoːveːˈveː ˈaːpəlˌdoːrn]) is an association football club from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. It was established on 25 February 1913. Its professional branch was dissolved in 2013. AGOVV's male first squad plays in 2019–2020 in the Derde Klasse.


The club was founded on 25 February 1913, as AGOSV, which stood for Apeldoornse Geheel Onthoudersvoetbalvereniging Steeds Voorwaarts Dutch pronunciation: [ˈaːpəlˌdoːrnsə ɣəˈɦeːl ˈɔntɦʌu̯dərsˌfudbɑlvəˌreːnəɣɪŋ ˈsteːts ˈfoːrˌʋaːrts].[note 1] When the club joined the football association of Gelderland, the club had to change its name, because there was another club called Steeds Voorwaarts. The name was changed to AGOVV, or Apeldoornse Geheel Onthouders Voetbalvereniging, which means Apeldoorn football club for teetotallers. The meaning of the abbreviation has since been altered. AGOVV has become Alleen Gezamenlijk Oefenen Voert Verder Dutch pronunciation: [ɑˈleːŋ ɣəˈzaːmə(n)lək ˈufənə(n) ˈvurt ˈfɛrdər][note 1] (Only Practising Together Brings Us Further).

AGOVV became a professional (league) club in 1954, and returned to the amateur ranks in 1971 due to financial problems. On 1 July 2003, AGOVV returned to the Dutch professional league, when it was re-admitted to the Eerste Divisie. In the 2003/2004 season, forward Klaas-Jan Huntelaar became top scorer of the Eerste Divisie with 26 goals. On 11 January 2013, the professional section of AGOVV was declared bankrupt and was thus according to Dutch league rules excluded from competition, with all its previous results in the ongoing competition expunged. The professional club in its current form ceased to exist, with all its players (and staff) becoming free agents.[1]

The amateur section of AGOVV is continuing. It currently plays in the Derde Klasse which is the eighth level of Dutch football.



Eerste Divisie

Domestic Results[edit]

Below is a table with AGOVV's domestic results since the introduction of professional football in 1956.

Vitesse/AGOVV Youth Academy[edit]

The Vitesse/AGOVV jeugdopleiding (English: Vitesse/AGOVV Youth Academy) was officially founded in 2005, when the youth academies of AGOVV and Vitesse Arnhem merged. The newly formed academy received the official regional youth academy status from the KNVB and was based on the structure of the former Vitesse youth academy, with the addition of various AGOVV youth players and staff members. The cooperation between AGOVV and Vitesse was terminated as of July 2013, where the academy continued solely as Vitesse's youth academy.

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  1. ^ a b In isolation, voorwaarts, alleen and verder are pronounced Dutch pronunciation: [ˈvoːrˌʋaːrts], Dutch pronunciation: [ɑˈleːn] and Dutch pronunciation: [ˈvɛrdər], respectively.


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