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The Aachener Domchor (Aachen Cathedral Choir) is the oldest boys' choir in Germany and one of the oldest in the world. Based in Aachen, the former capital of the Carolingian Empire, the choir is sometimes also identified using its Latin name, Cappella Carolina. The choir's origins stretch back more that 1200 years, to the court of Charlemagne and its choir school (schola cantorum) which the emperor founded together with Saint Alcuin of York and which was known at that time as the Schola Palatina, the "Palatinate Choir".

Under a succession of Kapellmeister (choir directors, literally: "chapel masters"), the Aachener Domchor gained an international reputation, benefiting musically and in terms of support from important individuals from close collaboration with the medieval monastic school, today the Aachen Cathedral Choir School (Aachener Domsingschule [de]), and also more recently from cooperation with the Katholische Hochschule für Kirchenmusik St. Gregorius [de], founded in 1881, and the first school for organists in western Germany with boarding facilities.

Since 2000, the Domchor has been directed by Berthold Botzet [de]. Botzet is assisted by the cathedral cantor, who is also in charge of the girls' choir at Aachen Cathedral: Marco Fühner was appointed to this post in July 2013.


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