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Abdullah al-Ahsan is a professor of Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul Şehir University.[1] Prior to this, he was professor of Comparative History in the Department of History and Civilization, International Islamic University Malaysia.[2] He is known for his academic work documenting the Organization of Islamic Conference and addressing crises in the post-colonial Muslim world through study of the relationship between the contemporary Western and Islamic civilizations.


Abdullah al-Ahsan completed his Bachelors and Masters in Pakistan from University of Punjab and Quaid-i-Azam University in General Studies and History, respectively. He continued his studies at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, doing a Masters in Islamic Studies, and finally gained his Ph.D in History from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.[2]


Al-Ahsan has published books, monographs and articles on the relationship between contemporary Islamic and Western civilizations with specific focus on education, politics, science and good governance. Al-Ahsan is also a regular writer on contemporary issues in the Muslim world. He is a regular contributor to opinion outlets such as Aljazeera,[3] Turkeyagenda[4] and the Turkish state-owned Anadolu agency, where he has written on Kashmir [5] and democracy and human rights.[6] His books and articles have been translated into Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Turkish and Urdu.[7]


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  • Qur'anic Guidance for Good Governance: A Contemporary Perspective, 1st ed. (2017) ISBN 978-3319578729


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