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Abingdon railway station in 1970.jpg
Abingdon 1970 - brewery maltings to right
AreaVale of White Horse
Coordinates51°40′20″N 1°16′48″W / 51.67223°N 1.28009°W / 51.67223; -1.28009Coordinates: 51°40′20″N 1°16′48″W / 51.67223°N 1.28009°W / 51.67223; -1.28009
Grid referenceSU499973
Original companyAbingdon Railway
Pre-groupingGreat Western Railway
2 June 1856Station opens
November 1872Converted to standard gauge
9 September 1963Station closes to passengers
June 1984Station closed to freight
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain

Abingdon railway station was a station which until 1963 served the town of Abingdon, then in Berkshire, now in Oxfordshire, in England.


DMU at the station platform in the 1960s.

The station was built by the Abingdon Railway, although this was operated by the Great Western Railway (GWR) from opening on 2 June 1856. The station and yard were built to the broad gauge on land acquired from the Mayor and Aldermen of the Borough of Abingdon on 19 March 1856 at a cost of £472. Seven properties were demolished to make way for the station and yard, including the Plough Inn which was subsequently rebuilt at a different location. The approach to the station from Stert Street had gates and no public right of way was allowed.[1] Station facilities consisted of a single platform covered by a timber train shed.[1] A locomotive shed was built on land which was never formally conveyed to the railway, but later acquired by adverse possession.[1]

The Abingdon Railway was absorbed by the GWR on 15 August 1904.[2] The line passed on to the Western Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948, and was then closed to passengers by the British Railways Board in 1963. The station was briefly featured in the Look At Life film High, Wide and Faster. However the branch was used by freight, notably MG Cars, and the occasional passenger excursion, the last of which took place in June 1984.

The branch track was lifted in the late 1980s. A fraction of the former railway line is now used for a cyclepath, while the station and the adjoining part of the line near the town centre have been overbuilt by a supermarket, parking and other development.


Preceding station   Disused railways   Following station
Abingdon Junction
Station closed; Line open
before 1872
  Abingdon Railway
Great Western Railway
Station open; Line open
after 1872
  Abingdon Railway
Great Western Railway


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