Abu Jarash

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Abu Jarash

أبو جرش
Abu Jarash is located in Syria
Abu Jarash
Abu Jarash
Location in Syria
Coordinates: 33°31′56″N 36°17′25″E / 33.53222°N 36.29028°E / 33.53222; 36.29028Coordinates: 33°31′56″N 36°17′25″E / 33.53222°N 36.29028°E / 33.53222; 36.29028
Country Syria
GovernorateDamascus Governorate
 • Total12,798

Abu Jarash (Arabic: أبو جرش‎) is a neighborhood and district of the al-Salihiyah municipality of Damascus, Syria. It had a population of 12,798 in the 2004 census.[1] In the 1936 French Mandate census, Abu Jarash had a population of 9,600, all Muslims.[2] The neighborhood was built around the domed mausoleum of Abu Jarash,[3] also known as Abdallah ibn Sala al-Raqqi, a high-ranking Ayyubid royal court official.[4]


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