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Abziri is located in Tunisia
Shown within Tunisia
Alternative nameAbziritanus
RegionBen Arous Governorate
Coordinates36°36′30″N 10°10′18″E / 36.60833°N 10.17167°E / 36.60833; 10.17167Coordinates: 36°36′30″N 10°10′18″E / 36.60833°N 10.17167°E / 36.60833; 10.17167

Abziri also known variously as Abziritanus and Abdiritanus was a Roman and Byzantine era oppidum (town) in Africa Proconsularis, Roman North Africa. The town is tentatively identified with ruins near Oudna, in Cartagine, Tunisia.[1]


The town was mentioned by Pliny[2] and was one of the 30 oppida libera in Africa Proconsularis. The town appears to be a native Berber town associated with the nearby Roman colony of Uthina.


The town was the seat of an ancient Catholic bishopric[3] which functioned till the end of the 7th century and the arrival of Islamic Armies. The diocese was refounded in name in 1933, and exists today as a titular see in the Roman Catholic Church.


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