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Neyyattinkara taluk is part of Trivandrum (Lok Sabha constituency) except kattakada assembly constituency which is part of Attingal (Lok Sabha constituency).[1]

Neyyattinkara taluk includes 4 assembly constituencies (Kattakada, Neyyattinkara, Parassala, Kovalam) in the Kerala Legislative Assembly. In early 2012, Neyyattinkara constituency attracted statewide attention, as it witnessed a much fiercely contested by-elections that Kerala Politics have ever seen caused by the resignation of the MLA R. Selvaraj. The tri-cornered contest was between O. Rajagopal of BJP, F. Lawrence of CPI(M) and Selvaraj (Now, of INC), with Selvaraj emerging as the winner finally.

Current MP: Dr. Shashi Tharoor (Indian National Congress party, re-elected as MP on 20 April 2014)

Neyyattinkara MLA: K. A. Ansalan, (Communist Party of India (Marxist) party, elected as MLA on 2016). In 2016 Assembly Election, K. Ansalan, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) candidate, won a stunning victory by a margin of 9,543 votes against R. Selvaraj, who defected from the CPI (M) to the Congress in 2012 and romped home by a margin of 6,334 votes in the by-election.

Kattakada MLA: N. Sakthan, (Indian National Congress party, Deputy Speaker)

Neyyattinkara Municipality led by LDF COM. WR Heeba CPI(M) district committee member elected as chairperson and Com. KK Shibu CPI(M) Vice chairman.

Parassala MLA: A.T. George, (Indian National Congress party)

Kovalam MLA: Jameela Prakasam, (Janata Dal (Secular))

2014 Elections[edit]

In the 2014 Parliament Election (held on 2014-04-20) Dr. Shashi Tharoor (UDF) got maximum number of votes from Neyyattinkara Constituency i.e., Neyyattinkara – UDF – 48,009, BJP – 28958, LDF – 39806; Dr. Tharoor got an additional 19,051 votes against BJP from Neyyattinkara Constituency alone that resulted in his ultimate success against BJP. Finally, he won the election with 14,501 votes. The election results of other constituencies in this regard are: Parassala – UDF – 50360, BJP – 39753, LDF – 47953; Kovalam – UDF – 51401, BJP – 36169, LDF – 42112; Nemom – UDF – 32639, BJP – 50685, LDF – 31643; Thiruvananthapuram – UDF – 39027, BJP 40835, LDF – 27385; Vattiyoorkavu – UDF – 40663, BJP – 43589 – LDF, 27504; Kazhakoottam – UDF 34220, BJP – 41,829, LDF - 31799

2015 Elections[edit]

Sl.No. Name of Ward Political Party Elected Councillor Result
1. Aalampotta UDF G Sukumari Won 443 votes against J S Kumari Kavitha
2. Aalummoodu BJP N Usha Kumari Won 320 votes against Rajambika Devi S
3. Aaralummoodu UDF A Salim Won 500 votes against M Shanavas
4. Amaravila BJP Shibu Raj Krishna M Won 372 votes against S Sudevakumar
5. Athazhamangalam LDF Soumya D Won 629 votes against T Kala
6. Athiyannoor Others S S Jayakumar Won 478 votes against Muraleedharan Nair T
7. Brahmamkode Others Geetha S Won 287 votes against Resmi N S
8. Chaikkottukonam UDF N Nirmala Bai Won 372 votes against Ambili
9. Chundavila LDF Sathya Raj S Won 371 votes against Raju S
10. Elavanikkara LDF S Sathi Kumar (Saji) Won 356 votes against Pushpaleela
11. Fort UDF R Ajitha Won 372 votes against Maya N S
12. Irumbil LDF Shyamala K Won 512 votes against Christilda Baby
13. Kalathuvila LDF P Murukan Won 595 votes against V Padma Kumar
14. Kavalakulam LDF K K Shibu Won 666 votes against C S Bright Kumar
15. Kollavamvila Others Jojin Won 780 votes against Vincent D S
16. Koottappana UDF Lalitha Teacher Won 328 votes against K Sreelatha
17. Krishnapuram UDF Sajitha Won 375 votes against Shalini C B
18. Kulathamal LDF Sunil Kumar Won 425 votes against Isantobert
19. Mambazhakkara LDF Jayadaly M V Won 570 votes against Shobha S
20. Manaloor LDF C Surendran Won 528 votes against Sajinlal S P
21. Maruthathur LDF Joly J Won 426 votes against T Ashalatha
22. Moonnukallinmoodu LDF L Usha Won 515 votes against Jayasree(Moly)
23. Mullaravila BJP S S Swapna Jith Won 442 votes against R O Arun
24. Muttakkadu UDF Jyothi Varghese Won 491 votes against Nancy B
25. Narayanapuram LDF Mary Fathima A Won 741 votes against Vasantha P
26. Nilamel BJP V Harikumar Won 360 votes against Vaisakh J S
27. Olathanni UDF Sunitha Won 512 votes against R V Vijaya Bose
28. Ooruttukaala LDF K P Sreekandan Nair Won 477 votes against N K Sasi
29. Pallivilakaom LDF Jayaseeli K C Won 563 votes against G M Krishna Kumari (Thanki)
30. Panangattukari UDF Suresh Kumar Won 514 votes against C S Chandra Kiran
31. Perumpazhuthur UDF Aswathy V S Won 404 votes against Laila L
32. Pirayummoodu LDF Anitha Kumari N K Won 666 votes against J L Ranjit Sumanam
33. Plavila LDF Kala Mankeshkar C S Won 564 votes against H Prasanna
34. Pullamala LDF G Babu Raj Won 409 votes against Chandrakumar M C
35. Punnaykkadu Others C Saju Won 472 votes against G Siva Kumar
36. Puthanambalam Others Anitha Won 360 votes against Anitha R
37. Rameswaram LDF W R Heeba Won 380 votes against Vijitha K M
38. Thavaravila BJP V N Sasikala Won 388 votes against Preetha C V
39. Thozhukkal Others R Vijayan Won 328 votes against P Rajan
40. Town LDF Ali Fathummal M Won 456 votes against A Maheen
41. Vadakode LDF V Sudha Won 422 votes against S Mayadevi
42. Vazhimukku LDF Shamila S Won 580 votes against Shemeela M
43. Vazhuthur UDF L S Sheela Won 724 votes against C D Justin Jose
44. Vlangamuri UDF Gramam Praveen Won 661 votes against S Mohana Kumar


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