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The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)[1] is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to encourage the development and deployment of Automated Transit Networks, including personal rapid transit systems. ATRA was formed in 1976[2][3] and in 1988 published a report[4] that became an essential factor in increasing the credibility of the personal rapid transit concept.[5]


"Advanced Transit and Urban Revitalization, an International Dialogue" was published by the ATRA at an international conference in Indianapolis in 1978.[6]

Industry Group Members[edit]

Ultra Global,[7] 2getthere,[8] Arup, LogistikCentrum, the consulting firm of Dr. Ingmar Andreasson,[9] PRT Consulting,[10] Podaris,[11] DICAM, Lea+Elliott and BergerABAM.[citation needed]

Academic Council Members[edit]

University of Maryland,[12] Princeton University,[13] University of Bologna,[14] Mineta Transportation Institute, Southern Illinois University[15]


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