Aeropus II of Macedon

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Aeropus II
Aeropos II. 398-395-4 BCE.jpg
Silver stater of Aeropos II
King of Macedonia
Reign399–395 BC
SuccessorArchelaus II
IssuePausanias of Macedon
DynastyArgead dynasty
FatherPerdiccas II
ReligionAncient Greek religion

Aeropus II of Macedon (Greek: Ἀέροπος Βʹ ὁ Μακεδών), king of Macedon, son of Perdiccas II was guardian of his nephew Orestes, the son of Aeropus's brother Archelaus I, reigned nearly five years from 399 BC.

The first four years of this time he reigned jointly with Orestes, and the remainder alone. He was succeeded by Orestes' brother Archelaus II.[1]


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Preceded by
King of Macedon
399–395 BC
Succeeded by
Archelaus II