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The African Combined Events Championships (French: Championnats d'Afrique d'Épreuves Combinées) is an international athletics competition between African athletes in the disciplines of men's decathlon and women's heptathlon. It became part of the IAAF Combined Events Challenge circuit in 2011.[1]

The two-day event was established in 1999, when it was held in the Algerian capital of Algiers. A second edition was scheduled for 2003, to be held in Réduit, Mauritius, but this plan was abandoned.[2] The second edition of the event was held in Tunis two years later and it was held along with the African Race Walking Championships.[3] Réduit has been the regular host for the competition since 2009, with the last three championships having been held at the town's Maryse Justin Stadium. In 2012, an open track and field meeting, organised by former Mauritian sprinter Stéphan Buckland, was held alongside the main combined events meeting.[4]

Ghana's Margaret Simpson and Ali Kamé of Madagascar are both three time champions of their respective events. Kamé's winning score of 7685 points in 2011 is the event record for the decathlon (as well as being a Malagasy record).[5] Simpson set the current heptathlon record of 6184 points in 2012.[6]

The titles contested at this championships are considered separate from the combined events that feature on the programme at the biennial African Championships in Athletics.


Edition Year City Country Date No. of
No. of
1st 1999 Algiers  Algeria 26–27 May[7]
2003 Réduit  Mauritius Not held
2nd 2005 Tunis  Tunisia 21–22 May
3rd[8] 2009 Réduit  Mauritius 18–19 April
4th[5] 2011 Réduit  Mauritius 16–17 April
5th[9] 2012 Bambous  Mauritius 13–14 April
6th[10] 2016 Réduit  Mauritius 2–3 April 12 (+5 invited) 7 (+3 invited)


Key:   Meet record


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1999  Rédouane Youcef (ALG) 7375 pts  Christo Blignaut (RSA) 7347 pts  Amine Hafed (ALG) 7042 pts
2005  François Potgieter (RSA) 7168 pts  Anis Riahi (TUN) 7140 pts  Jannie Botha (RSA) 7004 pts
2009  Ali Kamé (MAD) 7363 pts NR  Ahmed Mohamed Saad (EGY) 7049 pts  Guillaume Thierry (MRI) 6968 pts
2011  Ali Kamé (MAD) 7685 pts NR  Guillaume Thierry (MRI) 7444 pts  George Joubert (RSA) 7431 pts
2012  Ali Kamé (MAD) 7409 pts  Guillaume Thierry (MRI) 7356 pts  Jonathan Caetane (MRI) 6147 pts
2016  Guillaume Thierry (MRI) 7481 pts  Louis Fabrice Rajah (MRI) †† 7022 pts  Gert Swanepoel (RSA) 6570 pts
  • = France's Daouda Amboudi competed as a guest athlete and had the third best performance with a score of 6289 points.[5]
  • †† = Italy's Michele Calvi competed as a guest athletes and had the second best performance with a score of 7305 points.


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1999  Stéphanie Domaingue (MRI) 4857 pts  Fatima Zahra Dkouk (MAR) 4742 pts  Zahra Lachgar (MAR) 4715 pts
2005  Sarah Bouaoudia (ALG) 5492 pts  Mona Jabir Ahmed (SUD) 4919 pts  Aïda Chaabane (TUN) 4747 pts
2009  Margaret Simpson (GHA) 5677 pts  Selloane Tsoaeli (LES) 5116 pts  Florence Wasike (KEN) 4906 pts
2011  Margaret Simpson (GHA) 6134 pts  Janet Lawless (RSA) 5673 pts  Uhunoma Osazuwa (NGR) 5663 pts
2012  Margaret Simpson (GHA) 6184 pts  Gabriella Kouassi (CIV) 5766 pts  Selloane Tsoaeli (LES) 5194 pts
2016  Martha Koala (BUR) 5772 pts  Bianca Erwee (RSA)†† 5378 pts  Nienka Du Toit (RSA) 5378 pts
  • = Nafissatou Thiam of Belgium competed as a guest athlete and had the second best performance with a score of 5906 points.[5]
  • †† = Mari Klaup of Estonia competed as a guest athlete and had the second best performance with a score of 5583 points.


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