Agrarian Party (Yugoslavia)

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Agrarian Party

Земљорадничка странка
Zemljoradnička stranka
LeaderMihailo Avramović (1919–23)
Jovan Jovanović Pižon (1923–39)
Branko Čubrilović (1939–41)
Political positionCenter-right

The Agrarian Party (originally Alliance of Agrarians) was a political party within the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. It was formed in 1919.

The party originally operated on the whole territory of the state, but in areas with a Croatian majority, the party merged into the Croatian Peasant Party. A splinter party later emerged called the National Peasant Party of Dragoljub Jovanović.

The party was later banned by the Communist Yugoslav authorities.


  • Mihailo Avramović (1919–23)
  • Jovan Jovanović Pižon (1923–39)
  • Branko Čubrilović (1939-45)


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