Air commanders of World War I

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The air commanders of World War I were army or navy officers who came to command air services during the first major conflict in which air power played a significant role.

Entente Powers air commanders[edit]

British Empire[edit]

Australian Flying Corps[edit]

Royal Flying Corps[edit]

Director-General of Military Aeronautics[edit]
General Officer Commanding the Royal Flying Corps in France[edit]
Major-General Hugh Trenchard

Royal Naval Air Service[edit]

Heads of the RNAS[edit]

Royal Air Force[edit]

Chief of the Air Staff[edit]


Director of Military Aeronautics[edit]

Head of the Service Aéronautique[edit]


Imperial Russia[edit]


United States[edit]

Chief of Air Service of the American Expeditionary Force in France[edit]

Air Commander, Zone of Advance on the American Expeditionary Force in France[edit]

Central Powers air commanders[edit]


Inspector of Flying Troops[edit]

Austro-Hungarian Empire[edit]

Ottoman Empire[edit]



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