Alendronic acid/colecalciferol

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Alendronic acid/colecalciferol
Combination of
Alendronic acidBisphosphonate
Clinical data
Trade namesFosamax Plus D, Fosavance, Adrovance, others
AHFS/Drugs.comProfessional Drug Facts
License data
  • AU: B3
Routes of
By mouth
ATC code
Legal status
Legal status

Alendronic acid/colecalciferol, sold under the brand name Fosamax Plus D among others, is a medication for the treatment of osteoporosis in men or in postmenopausal women.[2][1][3]

Alendronic acid/colecalciferol was approved for use in the United States and in the European Union in 2005.[5][4]


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