All at Sea (1977 film)

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All at Sea
Directed byIgor Auzins
Produced byHoward Leeds
Written byHugh Stuckey
Howard Leeds
StarringJohnny Pace
Harriet Pace
Mike Preston
Joe Martin
Noel Ferrier
Barry Creyton
Stuart Wagstaff
Joy Chambers
Ugly Dave Gray
CinematographyPaul Onorato
Distributed byNetwork Ten
Release date
Running time
75 mins

All at Sea is a 1977 Australian television film about a group of misfits on holiday on an island resort. It used the cast from The Celebrity Game.[1]


The film was a rare comedy from the Grundy Organisation. Reg Grundy claimed he was the one who had the idea of making an Australian TV movie in the vein of the Carry On films featuring the most popular comics in the country. He pitched the idea to Ian Holmes at Channel Ten who agreed to finance it. Grundy's wife Joy Chambers was then a panelist on The Celebrity Game on Channel Ten, and she also appeared in the cast.[2]

Grundy assigned producing duties to Howard Leeds who had recently joined Grundys from Hollywood. "So here I had an American producing a show that was based entirely on English comedy with mostly Australian actors", Grundy later wrote. "It was a mishmash."[3]


Grundy wrote in his 2010 memoirs that the movie "got a twenty-one rating which these days would be a hit but back then was just okay. Howard [Leeds] had struck out."[3] No TV station wanted to pick it up and turn it into a series.[4]


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