Amanieu V d'Albret

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Original coat of arms of the lords and dukes of Albret.

Amanieu V was the Lord of Albret from 1209 to 1255.[1] He was the son of Amanieu IV, lord of Albret, and participated in the Albigensian Crusade, being at the siege of Termes in 1210.[2]

List of the Historical Bible (c. 1355) with d'Albret coat of arms in the corners and a signature of Jeanne d'Albret.

Amanieu was originally an ally of the English against the French in the Anglo-French War (1213–1214), but in December 1253 he made peace with Louis IX of France.[3] He received a royal pardon. Then, in August 1254, Henry III of England declared peace between him and all his Gascon vassals, Amanieu included.[3]

He had issue:


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