Amawaka language

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Native toPerú, Brazil
Native speakers
(310 cited 1995–2000)[1]
  • Panoan
    • Mainline
      • Nawa group
        • Headwaters subgroup
          • Amahuaca
Language codes
ISO 639-3amc

Amahuaca is an indigenous language of the Amazon Basin in Perú and Brazil. There around 220 speakers in Brazil, and around 328 speakers in Peru.[1][3] It is also known as Amawaka, Amaguaco, Ameuhaque, Ipitineri, and Sayaco. Amahuaca is a Panoan language that is believed to be closely related to Cashinahua and Yaminawa.[4] 30% are literate and 50% are literate in Spanish. Amahuaca uses a Latin-based script. There are some bilingual schools. A dictionary has been developed along with a grammatical description and bible portions.[1]

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