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أم جرس
Amdjarass أم جرس is located in Chad
Amdjarass أم جرس
أم جرس
Location in Chad (Ennedi-Est Region highlighted)
Coordinates: 16°3′57″N 22°50′35″E / 16.06583°N 22.84306°E / 16.06583; 22.84306Coordinates: 16°3′57″N 22°50′35″E / 16.06583°N 22.84306°E / 16.06583; 22.84306
RegionEnnedi-Est (since 2012)
896 m (2,940 ft)
 (2009 Census)
 • Total20,850

Amdjarass or Am-Djarass (Arabic: أم جرس‎) is the capital city of the Ennedi-Est Region in northern Chad. Despite formerly being an isolated Saharan oasis, its population as of the 2009 census is 20,850, and has grown considerably from just 657 residents in the 1993 census. It is the largest city in the region and the fourth largest in Saharan (Northern) Chad. The city has its own airport. The city is presently mapped in OpenStreetMap, but many atlases do not put this city on the map. It is also the capital of the second level administrative division, the Amdjarass Department. On July 3, 2015, Chadian president Idriss Deby visited Amdjarass. The town has a hotel called the Toumai Hotel Amdjarass and the town has a fortress. There is a boomerang shaped rock with the town's name at the entrance to the town. The mayor is Ismael Miss.