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The Ameralik Span is the longest span of an electrical overhead power line in the world. It is situated near Nuuk on Greenland and crosses Ameralik Fjord with a span width of 5,376 metres at 64°6′18″N 51°14′16″W / 64.10500°N 51.23778°W / 64.10500; -51.23778Coordinates: 64°6′18″N 51°14′16″W / 64.10500°N 51.23778°W / 64.10500; -51.23778. It was built in 1993 by the Norwegian company NTE Entreprise (Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk) and is part of a single-circuit 132 kV powerline running from Buksefjord hydroelectric power plant to Nuuk.

The span consists of four steel conductors of 40 millimeters diameter whereby one is a spare conductor. The span has a width of 190 metres and a minimum clearance of 128 metres. The pylons on each side of the span carry only one conductor and are situated on mountains 444 metres high on the north and 1013 metres at the south shore. [1]


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