American Political Items Collectors

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American Political Items Collectors
Founded1945 (1945)
TypeCollectors Society
Area served
United States
ProductsThe Keynoter

The American Political Items Collectors (APIC) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization founded in 1945 to encourage the study, collecting, and preservation of political campaign memorabilia.[1][2] It is the largest organization of political memorabilia conservators in the United States. The group actively seeks to educate the general public about government and political history through displays at libraries and museums, as well as educating the public about reproduction items.


The APIC was started by a group of like minded collectors in 1945.[1] This group recognized that there should be a place for Numismatics, art collectors, and other hobbyists that sought politically themed items. APIC membership interests cut across every medium conceivable from buttons and posters to clothing and online media.


Any individual may join the APIC by paying annual membership dues. Individuals that join the APIC can join with fellow collectors into various subgroups within the organization. These subgroups are called chapters, and are either "specialty chapters", that focus on a particular political figure like an American president, political candidate, political party or interest group. The other type of chapters are geographic chapters. Members of these chapters live in the same state or region and can either collect political items related to their region or not. Membership is also not limited to United States citizens. While the focus of the organization is primarily American, international membership is encouraged along with the study and preservation of non American political memorabilia.

Museums and Libraries are eligible for the Museum Partnership Program.

Members have the opportunity to attend regional APIC shows hosted by local chapters. There are many of these shows held throughout the country each year.



The APIC publishes a magazine entitled The Keynoter four times a year. Current issues are available to dues paying members of the APIC. Any back issue may be purchased by non members for a fee. There is currently no online version of The Keynoter.

An APIC monthly newsletter is sent to all members via The Political Bandwagon.

Political activism[edit]

The Hobby Protection Act of 1973

National conventions[edit]

Every two years the APIC holds a national convention for collectors and the general public to gather. The conventions are a chance for the APIC Board of Directors to meet and discuss organizational business, hold seminars for collectors and the general public, exhibit member collections, tour historical sites, attend social gatherings, attend an auction, buy, sell, and trade items with other collectors.

Convention locations[edit]

Date Location
2020 Nashville, Tennessee
2018 Springfield, Illinois
July 6–10, 2016 Hilton Hotel, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
July 27-August 3, 2014 Denver, Colorado
July 30-August 5, 2012 Crowne Plaza North Hotel, Columbus, Ohio
August 1–8, 2010 Buffalo, New York
August 5–7, 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada
July 2006 Kansas City, Missouri
July 30-August 3, 2003 Orlando, Florida
August 7–10, 2002 Irvine, California
July 30-August 2, 2001 Louisville, Kentucky
August 4–7, 1999 Atlanta, Georgia
August 5–7, 1997 Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
August 3–5, 1995 St. Louis, Missouri
1993 East Brunswick, New Jersey
August 8–11, 1991 Anaheim, California
1989 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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