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Ananda Mohan College
Location, ,
22°34′48.50″N 88°22′03.89″E / 22.5801389°N 88.3677472°E / 22.5801389; 88.3677472Coordinates: 22°34′48.50″N 88°22′03.89″E / 22.5801389°N 88.3677472°E / 22.5801389; 88.3677472
AffiliationsUniversity of Calcutta
Ananda Mohan Bose - the founder of Anandamohan College, Calcutta

Ananda Mohan College, is an undergraduate evening college in north Kolkata. It started in 1961 as the evening branch of City College while Rammohan College started functioning as the morning branch. City College was founded by patriotic Brahmo leader Ananda Mohan Bose. The college is located at 102/1, Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani, Kolkata-700 009. It was one of the City Group colleges administered by Brahmo Samaj Education Society, a registered society, constituted by the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj, Kolkata. From 2017, it became a grant-in-aid college no longer administered by the Brahmo Samaj.

The college was accredited by NAAC at the B+ level in 2016.

It offers undergraduate courses in humanities (Bengali, English, Hindi, history, philosophy, and Sanskrit), social sciences (economics and political science), natural sciences (botany, chemistry, geography and environmental studies, physics, physiology, and zoology), mathematics, computer science, and commerce.

Another institution with the same name is Ananda Mohan College, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. It was also established by Ananda Mohan Bose at his place of birth. Other than being started by the same person and having the same name, the two institutions are not related.

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