Anegada Passage

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Anegada Passage
BritishVirginIsland map.png
Map of the British Virgin Islands, with the Anegada Passage labeled at right side.
Anegada Passage is located in Lesser Antilles
Anegada Passage
Anegada Passage
Anegada Passage is located in Caribbean
Anegada Passage
Anegada Passage
Coordinates18°22′41″N 63°50′15″W / 18.37806°N 63.83750°W / 18.37806; -63.83750Coordinates: 18°22′41″N 63°50′15″W / 18.37806°N 63.83750°W / 18.37806; -63.83750
Basin countriesBritish Virgin Islands
Max. length200 kilometres (120 mi)
Max. width65 kilometres (40 mi)
Average depth2,300 metres (7,500 ft)

Anegada Passage is a strait in the Caribbean that separates the British Virgin Islands and the British ruled Sombrero Island of Anguilla, and connects the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is 2300 m deep. Because the threshold depths are 1800 and 1600 m, Atlantic deep water from 1600 m level may flow into the deep areas in the Caribbean Sea.[1]

The Anegada Passage is a key shipping lane for the Panama Canal.[2] Often called the "Oh-my-god-a Passage",[3] it is considered a difficult passage for sailors because of the winds, waves, and swells.[4]

The passage consists of multiple basins and ridges. The Anegada Trough or Virgin Islands Basin was the likely site of the 1867 Virgin Islands earthquake and subsequent tsunami.[5][6]

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