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The Angakuei community belong to the people (Angakueth- adjective) are members of the clan from Baidit Payam, Jonglei, South Sudan. The word Angakuei originates from the word Kuei, which means eagle. Abel Alier Kuai,was the first South Sudanese to become the first vice President of The Sudan and the first president of the High Executive Council of Southern Sudan,[1] is from the Angakuei clan.[citation needed] Alier is a name originated from Angakueth the peoples of Angakuei. ( the name originated from Alir-piou which means the peacefully heart. Its officially written as "Alier" .


  1. ^ Anders Breidlid; Avelino Androga Said; Astrid Kristine Breidlid (2010). A Concise History of South Sudan. African Books Collective. p. 244. ISBN 978-9970-25-033-2. Retrieved 22 August 2013. In October 1973 the election process started and the results were released at the end of November. Abel Alier was now elected to the position of President of the High Executive Council.