Antsiranana Bay

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Bay of Diego Suarez
Diego bay.JPG
Bay of Diego Suarez is located in Madagascar
Bay of Diego Suarez
Bay of Diego Suarez
Location in Madagascar
LocationDiana, Madagascar
Coordinates12°13′50″S 49°17′34″E / 12.23056°S 49.29278°E / -12.23056; 49.29278Coordinates: 12°13′50″S 49°17′34″E / 12.23056°S 49.29278°E / -12.23056; 49.29278
Ocean/sea sourcesIndian Ocean
Basin countries Madagascar

Antsiranana Bay (also known as Diego-Suarez Bay) is a natural bay that stretches close to 20 kilometres (12 mi) north to south along the northeast coast of Madagascar.[1] The waters average a depth of more than 20 metres (66 ft), and the main channel can be as deep as 50 metres (160 ft).[1] The bay, protected by a narrow inlet that provides shelter from strong Indian Ocean winds, is believed to be the result of a submerging coastline or a drowned river valley that formed many peninsulas around the bay.[1]

The bay's principal city, Antsiranana, is located on a headland.


The bay was first recorded by European explorers in 1500; sailors in the service of Prince Henry the Navigator named the bay for their leader, Diego Diaz.[1] The bay was later used for shelter by a number of pirates and privateers during the Golden Age of Piracy, and it has been speculated as a possible location of the legendary pirate colony Libertalia.[1]


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