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Anzi Destruction
Anzi Performing at Guilfest UK, 2011.jpg
Anzi Destruction performing at Guilfest UK 2011
Background information
Helsinki, Finland
GenresHard rock, punk rock, glam rock, industrial rock, garage rock, metal
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, musician, producer
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, harmonica, synth
Years active1997–present

Anzi Destruction (born Antero Koskikallio; 1982) is a Finnish rock musician. He is known for his energic and wild live shows including fire breathing. He was the lead singer of Stereo Junks! (2003–2010). Prior to joining Stereo Junks!, he played guitar in glam/punk band Plastic Tears in late nineties. In 2001 he released two solo EPs Shoot I and Shoot II. In 2010 he joined The Salvation as its lead singer.[2] He's first full-length solo album, High Clash Motherf***er, was released in April 2011.[3][4][5] It was followed in 2015 by the album Black Dog Bias.[6] Anzi produced an album "The Book Of V" [7] for an alternative metal band V For Violence together with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa in 2015.

Anzi Destruction married Katariina Souri in 2010.[1] Couple divorced in 2012.[8] He currently lives in London.[9]



The Salvation

  • Auto Destructive (2013)

Stereo Junks!

  • Shut Up 'N' Sit DownEP (2003)
  • Living Bomb – CD (2003)
  • China White – Single (2004)
  • Suicide AngelsEP (2006)
  • ChemistryEP (2009)

Plastic Tears

  • Stranded in Rock 'N' Roll – CD (1999)

V For Violence

  • The Book Of V (2015)


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