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Apple S3
Apple S3 module.png
General information
LaunchedSeptember 2017
Designed byApple Inc.
Architecture and classification
ApplicationApple Watch Series 3
Instruction setARM
Physical specifications
  • 2
PredecessorApple S2
SuccessorApple S4

The Apple S3 is the integrated computer in the Apple Watch Series 3, and is custom-designed "System in Package" (SiP) by Apple Inc.[1]

The 32-bit chipset was revealed on September 12, 2017. According to Apple, the S3's two cores are 70% faster than the Apple S2.[2][3] It is able to launch apps faster and allowed smoother user interface in comparison with the S2 chip.[4] The S3 also contains a barometric altimeter, the W2 wireless connectivity processor, and in some models UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) cellular modems served by a built-in eSIM.[2] The barometer was integrated to accurately track physical activities.[5]

Tech Insights discovered that the S3 SiP contains 768 MB of DRAM and 16 GB flash memory, 1.5 and 2 times that of the S2.[6]

After the Apple S4 chip was released in 2018, the S3-powered Apple Watch was retained but sold at a lower cost.[7]


Tech Insights identified the following components in the Apple S3 SiP.[6]

  • Baseband Processor: Qualcomm MDM9635M, a Snapdragon X7 LTE Modem
  • DRAM: SK Hynix H54T6D63M, 768 MB LPDDR4 SDRAM
  • Apple dual-core processor, probably under DRAM
  • NAND: 4x Toshiba FPV7_32G, total of 16GB flash memory
  • Wifi + Bluetooth: Apple 338S00348 (W2 chip)
  • RF Components: Qualcomm WTR3925 RF, AFEM-8069 Front-End Module, Skyworks SKY 78198 Power Amplifier Module (PAM), Qualcomm QFE3100 Envelope Tracker
  • MCU: STMicro ST33G1M2, a 32-bit ARM SC300 MCU.

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