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Illuminated pages from the pinkas ("minutes") books of the Mishnah Society of the Apter Rov's kloyz, Medzhybizh, circa 1840.

Apt is a Hasidic dynasty within Haredi Judaism. Its founder, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apt, popularly known as the Apter Rebbe or Apter Rov, was born in Zhmigrid, Poland in 1748 and died in Mezhbizh, Ukraine, Russian Empire in 1825.

Lineage of the Mezhbizh-Zinkov dynasty[edit]

Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apt was the founder of the Apt-Mezhbizh-Zinkover Hasidic dynasty. In honor of the dynasty's founder, his descendants adopted the family name Heshel.

The males in this family took wives several different times from the family of the Ryzhiner Rebbe.

    • R. Meshulam Zusia of Zinkov (1813-1865)
        • R. Chaim Menachem of Zinkov (1837-1894)
        • R. Pinchas of Zinkov (1872-1916)
        • R. Abraham Joshua Heshel of Zinkov
        • R. Moses of Zinkov (1879-1923)
        • R. Abraham Joshua Heshel of Mezhbizh (1832-1881)
        • R. Israel Shalom Joseph of Mezhbizh (1853-1911)
        • R. Yitshak Meir of Mezhbizh-Haifa (1904-1985)
        • R. Abraham Joshua Heshel of Mezhbizh-Tarnopol (1892-1943)
        • R. Abraham Joshua Heshel of Kopyczynce (1888-1967). His daughter Chava was married to Shneur Zalman Gurary, a chassid of the last two Lubavitcher Rebbes.[1] Their son, Itche Meir Gurary, was asked by some Lubavitcher chassidim to become a Kopyczyncer Rebbe. However, he chose to remain as mashpia in Tomchei Tmimim of Montreal.
              • R. Moshe Mordechai Heschel of Kopyczynce (1914-1975) succeeded his father as rebbe, and was renowned for his legendary kindness. He died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage.
              • R. Yekusiel Zishe Heschel, son of the previous Kapishnitzer rebbe, r. Moshe Mordechai, is the current Kapitshnitzer Rebbe in Boro Park, and is a greatly respected Torah scholar and tzaddik.
              • R. Meshulam Zusia Heschel, the youngest son of R. Abraham Joshua Heschel. His daughter, Shoshana Bluma Reizel, is married to Rabbi Nachum Dov Brayer.
              • R. Yitzchak Meir Flintenstein, grandson of Reb Abraham Joshua Heschel is currently the Kapishnitz-Yerushalayim Rebbe and has a large following in both Israel and around the world
        • R. Meshulam Zusia of Mezhbizh (1871-1920)
        • R. Moses Mordecai of Mezhbizh and Pelzovizna, Warsaw (1873-1916)


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