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The fire god Pharro (left) and Ardoksho, in a Kushan sculpture found at Gandhara. The style is influenced by Greco-Buddhist art and Ardoksho is shown holding a cornucopia (upper right), a feature apparently adopted from the Greek goddess Tyche.

Ardoksho (Bactrian script Αρδοχϸο), also Romanised as Ardochsho, Ardokhsho and Ardoxsho was a female deity of the Kushan Empire, in Central and South Asia during the early part of the 1st millennium CE.

She has often been regarded as analogous to the deity Hariti, found in some varieties of Buddhism. Analogies have also been drawn with the Persian goddess Anahita, the Greek Tyche, the Roman Fortuna and the Hindu Shri.

During the middle of the Kushan era, Ardoksho was usually the only deity other than a male counterpart, Oesho, depicted on Kushan coins.