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Armchair Directors is a movie review show on YouTube hosted by Canadian indie filmmakers Matthew Crandall and Michael Mercy.


Crandall & Mercy were born four years apart, in Kitchener, Ontario. They met at a local film festival in Kitchener and began watching films that they later discussed together. Being both filmmakers themselves, these discussions dealt with subjects like writing, acting, editing, music and so forth.

Eventually, they came up with the idea of using Mercy's camera equipment (with his wife working the camera) and filmed one of these discussions and posting it on YouTube.[1]

The name "Armchair Directors" comes from the term "Armchair quarterback".


Crandall & Mercy consider themselves "discussionists" rather than "critics". Because of this, they don't use a rating system, but rather give their "best part" and "worst part" of each film discussed. They also invite viewers to take part in the discussion, either in the comment section on YouTube or on their Facebook page.


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