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Arrival Ltd
Founded2015; 6 years ago (2015)
FounderDenis Sverdlov
United Kingdom,

Charlotte, USA
Area served
ProductsElectric vehicles
Number of employees
1,300 (November 2020)[1]

Arrival Ltd is a global company headquartered in London, UK[2] and Charlotte, USA[3] that develops electric vehicles, primarily lightweight commercial vehicles.[4] In June 2020, Arrival announced a new passenger bus designed for coronavirus-era social distancing.[5]

R&D takes place at their facility in Banbury, Oxfordshire.[6] In March 2020, Arrival acquired a new factory in Bicester with plans to be operational by 2021 and start production in 2022.[7]

Arrival claim that their electric vehicles are the first EVs that cost the same as petrol and diesel equivalents. Arrival calls this approach "Generation 2.0".[8] The company has created an electric vehicle platform which can be scaled to make many variants in multiple vehicle categories.

It was announced that Arrival had raised $118 million from US funds manager BlackRock Inc in October 2020, adding to previous investment from Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co and sister company Kia Motors Corp of $111 million.[9]

In November 2020, it was announced that Arrival would list on NASDAQ by merging with special-purpose acquisition company CIIG Merger Corp.[10]


According to Arrival, four electric vehicle types are being developed: a bus, a van, a large van, and a small vehicle platform. Start of production of the first type (bus) is planned for the last quarter of 2021.[11]


The existing working prototype of Arrival's electric van has a range of at least 120 miles (190km) on a single charge. Full specifications on size, load capacity, and volume have not been publicly released.[12] United Parcel Service has placed an order for 10,000 small vans from Arrival with the option for an additional 10,000.


The Arrival Bus was undergoing beta prototype testing in 2020.[13]


Founded in 2015 by Denis Sverdlov, former General Director of Yota Group, a Russian mobile supplier and mobile service provider, Arrival is a global company with headquarters in London and Charlotte, USA. It also has an R&D facility in Banbury and further offices in North America, Germany, Israel, Russia and the Netherlands.[8]

In August 2017, the Royal Mail announced an agreement with Arrival to trial nine vehicles in the ranges of 3.5, 6 and 7 tonnes GVW.[14]

The United Parcel Service announced a deal with Arrival to trial 35 vehicles across London and Paris in May 2019 as part of a wider strategy to electrify their massive fleet of delivery vehicles.[15]

In 2020, Arrival was placed 1st in LinkedIn's Top Startups to work for list.[16]

BlackBerry announced in October 2019 that they would be powering Arrival's Generation 2.0 intelligent electric vehicles. As part of the agreement, BlackBerry will license its BlackBerry QNX technology to Arrival, including its QNX SDP 7.0 real-time operating system which will serve as the secure foundation for ADAS features within the company's vehicle platform.[17]

Mike Ableson, former Vice President of EV Infrastructure and Global Strategy at General Motors, joined Arrival in October 2019 as CEO of Automotive and North America.[18]

In December 2019, Cubic Telecom, a connectivity management software provider, partnered with Arrival to deliver intelligent connectivity software to their electric vehicle fleets.[19]

Arrival announced in January 2020 that Hyundai Motor Group and Kia Motors had invested €100 million in the company marking the start of a strategic partnership between the automakers to accelerate the adoption of commercial electric vehicles globally.[20] Following the investment, Arrival revealed they have achieved "unicorn" status, valuing the start-up at €3 billion.[21] Arrival plan to use 10,000 m2 (110,000 sq ft) "microfactories" to build their electric vehicles having developed a "skateboard" platform containing a drive train and batteries.[22]

On 29 January 2020, Arrival announced that UPS had invested in the company and placed an order for 10,000 Generation 2 electric vehicles to be rolled out across the UK, Europe and North America before 2024 as part of their transition towards a zero-emissions fleet.[23] The deal was reported to be worth $400m along with an equity stake in the company of an undisclosed size.[24] The purpose-built electric vehicles have been co-developed by Arrival and UPS in order to meet UPS's exact specifications, including the latest advanced control and safety features.[25]

Arrival's President & Chief Strategy Officer is Avinash Rugoobur, former Head of Strategy for GM Cruise Automation.[26]

On 17 June 2020 Arrival revealed a zero-emission bus. The bus will be priced the same as an equivalent diesel bus, according to the company. Lower running costs will make it even cheaper for operators in the long term.[27]

Arrival has begun establishing operations in the United States, having begun to expand into the Charlotte metro area. Arrival's first U.S. office will be located in the South End neighborhood. [28] Additionally, Arrival's first U.S. microfactory will be located in the suburb of Rock Hill.[29]

Former Nike VP, Adrian Nyman, was announced as Arrival's new Chief of Brand in February 2021.[30]


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