As the World Falls Down

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"As the World Falls Down"
Song by David Bowie
from the album Labyrinth
Length4:51 (Album Version)
3:40 (Edit)
Songwriter(s)David Bowie

"As the World Falls Down" is a song written by David Bowie in 1986 for the soundtrack of the film Labyrinth.

Release and background[edit]

EMI considered releasing "As the World Falls Down" as a single in late 1986. As a result, 3:40 edit was produced as was a video shot by "Underground" video director Steve Barron. However, perhaps because Bowie did not want the love ballad to lessen the impact of his upcoming harder-sounding release Never Let Me Down, the single release was cancelled. The edit was released as a bonus track on the Virgin Records re-release of Tonight in 1995, and the video was included on Bowie – The Video Collection (1993) and on the DVD version of Best of Bowie (2002).[1]


Cover versions[edit]

  • Girl in a Coma - Adventures in Coverland, Vol. 2 (2010)[1]
  • Grace Potter - "As The World Falls Down" (2016) - Released only as a video on her YouTube channel as a tribute to Bowie following his death earlier that year.[2]
  • Vitamin String Quartet - Geek Wedding Vol 2: The Sequel(2016)[3]


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