Atabegs of Yazd

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Atabegs of Yazd

Atābakān-e Yazd
اتابکان یزد
Common languagesPersian
• 1141–1188
Sam ibn Wardanruz
• 1315–1319
Hajji Shah ibn Yusuf Shah
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Muzaffarids (Iran)

The Atabegs of Yazd (Persian: اتابکان یزد‎, Atābakān-e Yazd) were a local dynasty, which ruled the city of Yazd from about 1141 to 1319. They succeeded the Kakuyids to whom they were linked by marriage.

From the names of the earlier members of the dynasty, it seems they were ethnically Persian, but like the Hazaraspids they had adopted the Turkish title of Atabeg.[1] Most of the Atabegs of Yazd were tributaries to the Saljuqs and the Mongol Il-Khans until they were finally overthrown by the Muzaffarids.[2]

List of rulers[edit]


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