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Native name
Industrypublic transport Edit this on Wikidata
HeadquartersAthens, Greece
OwnerGreek government
SubsidiariesOSY S.A., STASY S.A.
Map of complete (planned) Metropolitan railway network (Metro, Suburban and Tram).

The Athens Mass Transit System is the largest mass transit system of Greece. The system is run by the OASA S.A. organisation and serves all areas in Athens Urban and Metropolitan Area.


In January 2011 the Greek government proposed a reorganization of the system, which involves reduction of the separate companies to just two, one for tram and rapid transit and one for conventional and trolley buses.[1] In March 2011, the Greek Government passed Law 3920[2] to allow Athens Metro Operations Company (AMEL) to absorb Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways and Athens Tram and create a new company "STASY S.A." (Greek: ΣΤΑΣΥ Α.Ε.) Also ETHEL S.A. and ILPAP S.A. were merged in "OSY S.A." (Greek: ΟΣΥ Α.Ε.). The mergers were officially announced on June 10, 2011.[3] [4] While mergers at the top management level took place quickly, integration of the former companies at operations and support level proceeds slowly.

As of July 2011, the Athens Mass Transit System consists of:

  • OSY S.A. (Greek: ΟΣΥ Α.Ε.)
    • A bus and trolleybus network
  • STASY S.A. (Greek: ΣΤΑΣΥ Α.Ε.)
    • The Athens Tram system, formerly operated by Tram S.A.
    • The Athens Metro old line Line 1 and new lines Line 2, Line 3

OSY and STASY (which absorbed the former companies ISAP, ILPAP, ETHEL, Tram, AMEL) as well as TrainOSE (for its Proastiakos department) are coordinated by Athens Urban Transport Organisation (Organismos Astikon Syngoinonion Athinon - OASA, Greek: Οργανισμός Αστικών Συγκοινωνιών Αθηνών - Ο.Α.Σ.Α.), a public company.[5] ISAP, ETHEL and ILPAP were wholly owned by OASA S.A.

AMEL and Tram S.A. until June 2011 were subsidiaries of Attiko Metro S.A. (Greek: Αττικό Μετρό Α.Ε.), a company that is currently wholly owned by the Greek government.[6][7]

TrainOSE S.A., which absorbed the former Proastiakos S.A. in 2007, became independent of the OSE group in 2008 and is now a separate public company.

OASA regularly conducts street photography and videography competitions both in black-and-white and in colour for photos taken while inside its means of transport.[8]

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