Athletics at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Men's long jump

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Men's long jump
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
1908 Frank Irons.JPG
Frank Irons
VenueWhite City Stadium
DateJuly 22
Competitors32 from 9 nations
Winning distance7.48 OR
1st place, gold medalist(s) Frank Irons
 United States
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Daniel Kelly
 United States
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Calvin Bricker
← 1904
1912 →

The men's long jump was one of six jumping events on the Athletics at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme in London. The competition was held on July 22, 1908.[1] Thirty-two athletes from 9 nations competed. NOCs could enter up to 12 athletes.[2] The event was won by Frank Irons of the United States, the nation's fourth consecutive victory in the first four Olympic Games. Calvin Bricker of Canada took bronze to break up the Americans' attempt at another sweep (which they had accomplished in 1896 and 1904).


This was the fourth appearance of the event, which is one of 12 athletics events to have been held at every Summer Olympics. None of the jumpers from 1904 returned. The world's best jumpers, American Myer Prinstein and Irishman Peter O'Connor, had retired; there was no favorite coming into the event.[3]

Canada, the Netherlands, and Norway each made their first appearance in the event. The United States appeared for the fourth time, the only nation to have long jumpers at each of the Games so far.

Competition format[edit]

The 1908 format returned to the two-round format used in 1900. Only the top three jumpers in the qualifying round advanced to the final. Each jumper had three jumps in the qualifying round; finalists received an additional three jumps, with qualifying round jumps still counting if the final jumps were not better.[3]


These are the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1908 Summer Olympics.

World record  Peter O'Connor (GBR) 7.61 Dublin, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 5 August 1901
Olympic record  Myer Prinstein (USA) 7.34 St. Louis, United States 1 September 1904

Frank Irons set two Olympic records. At first he jumped 7.44 metres and finally he set the new Olympic record with 7.48 metres.


Date Time Round
Wednesday, 22 July 1908 10:30 Qualifying


All jumpers performed three jumps. The best three made another three attempts to improve their marks. Best marks are known for the top twenty jumpers, but no information about marks or placement for the bottom twelve.

Rank Athlete Nation Distance Notes
Qualifier Final Best
1st place, gold medalist(s) Frank Irons  United States 7.44 7.48 7.48 OR
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Daniel Kelly  United States 7.09 Unknown 7.09
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Calvin Bricker  Canada 7.08 Unknown 7.08
4 Edward Cook  United States 6.97 Did not advance 6.97
5 John Brennan  United States 6.86 Did not advance 6.86
6 Frank Mount Pleasant[4]  United States 6.82 Did not advance 6.82
7 Albert Weinstein[4]  Germany 6.77 Did not advance 6.77
8 Tim Ahearne  Great Britain 6.72 Did not advance 6.72
9 Denis Murray  Great Britain 6.71 Did not advance 6.71
10 Gunnar Rönström  Sweden 6.66 Did not advance 6.66
11 Charles Williams  Great Britain 6.65 Did not advance 6.65
12 Sam Bellah  United States 6.64 Did not advance 6.64
13 Frank Lukeman  Canada 6.59 Did not advance 6.59
14 Ödön Holits  Hungary 6.54 Did not advance 6.54
15 Arthur Hoffmann  Germany 6.50 Did not advance 6.50
16 Alfred Bellerby  Great Britain 6.44 Did not advance 6.44
17 Wilfred Bleaden  Great Britain 6.43 Did not advance 6.43
18 William Watt  Great Britain 6.42 Did not advance 6.42
19 George Barber  Canada 6.41 Did not advance 6.41
20 Carl Silfverstrand  Sweden 6.34 Did not advance 6.34
21–32 Hermann von Bönninghausen  Germany Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Lionel Cornish  Great Britain Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Géza Kövesdi  Hungary Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Bram Evers  Netherlands Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Henri Guttierez  France Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Jacobus Hoogveld  Netherlands Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Garfield MacDonald  Canada Unknown Did not advance Unknown
James O'Connell  United States Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Henry Olsen  Norway Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Arvid Ringstrand  Sweden Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Ludwig Uettwiller  Germany 6.05 Did not advance 6.05
Hugo Wieslander  Sweden Unknown Did not advance Unknown
Platt Adams  United States DNS
Géo André  France DNS
Carl Bechler  Germany DNS
Martin Brustmann  Germany DNS
István Czurgay  Hungary DNS
Cyril Dugmore  Great Britain DNS
Karl Fryksdahl  Sweden DNS
A. Gordon  Great Britain DNS
Oswald Groenings  Great Britain DNS
Juho Halme  Finland DNS
Ernest Hutcheon  Australasia DNS
Evert Koops  Netherlands DNS
Nándor Kovács  Hungary DNS
Gustav Krojer  Austria DNS
Sven Låftman  Sweden DNS
Karl Lampelmayer  Austria DNS
Edvard Larsen  Norway DNS
Con Leahy  Great Britain DNS
Jeremiah Mahoney  United States DNS
Erik Majunko  Hungary DNS
Gaston Martens  Belgium DNS
Henri Meslot  France DNS
Robert Pascarel  France DNS
Armas Pesonen  Finland DNS
Uuno Railo  Finland DNS
Ede Rökk  Hungary DNS
Ted Savage  Canada DNS
Nate Sherman  United States DNS
István Somodi  Hungary DNS
E. Steiner  France DNS
Ragnar Stenberg  Finland DNS
Knut Stenborg  Sweden DNS
Ben Stephenson  United States DNS
Doug Stupart  South Africa DNS
Kálmán Szathmáry  Hungary DNS
Andor Szende  Hungary DNS
Gaspare Torretta  Italy DNS
Sandór Veres  Hungary DNS
Julius Wagner  Switzerland DNS
F. Young  United States DNS


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