Athletics at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Women's long jump

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These are the official results of the Women's Long Jump event at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. The qualification mark was set at 5.70 metres. Seven athletes didn't surpass that distance in the morning heats.[1]


In the final, the three medalists separated from the rest of the field on their first attempts, just as they had in qualifying. Elżbieta Krzesińska, who had set the world record three months earlier, jumped 6.20m, Nadezhda Khnykina-Dvalishvili went 6.00 meters exactly and 16 year old Willye White jumped 5.96m. In the second round, Krzesińska equalled her world record 6.35 m (20 ft 10 in). In the third round, White jumped 6.06m to move into silver position. On her fifth attempt Khnykina-Dvalishvili edged into silver with a 6.07m jump. On her final attempt, White jumped 6.09m to take the silver for good. 16 years later, White was still a finalist in 1972.

Final classification[edit]

Med 1.png  Elżbieta Krzesińska (POL) 6.35 m =WR
Med 2.png  Willye White (USA) 6.09 m
Med 3.png  Nadezhda Khnykina-Dvalishvili (URS) 6.07 m
4.  Erika Fisch (EUA) 5.89 m
5.  Marthe Lambert (FRA) 5.88 m
6.  Valentina Shaprunova (URS) 5.85 m
7.  Beverly Weigel (NZL) 5.85 m
8.  Nancy Borwick (AUS) 5.82 m
9.  Maria Kusion (POL) 5.79 m
10.  Helga Hoffmann (EUA) 5.73 m
11.  Olga Gyarmati (HUN) 5.66 m
12.  Genowefa Minicka (POL) 5.64 m
 Dorothy Kozak (CAN) DNQ
 Sheila Hoskin (GBR) DNQ
 Erica Willis (AUS) DNQ
 Yoshie Takahashi (JPN) DNQ
 Margaret Johnson (AUS) DNQ
 Margaret Matthews (USA) DNQ
 Thelma Hopkins (GBR) DNQ


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