Athletics at the 1980 Summer Olympics – Women's long jump

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Women's long jup
at the Games of the XXII Olympiad
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VenueLenin Central Stadium
Date30 July 1980 (qualifications)
31 July 1980 (finals)
Competitors21 from 13 nations
Winning distance7.06 OR
1st place, gold medalist(s) Tatyana Kolpakova
 Soviet Union
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Brigitte Wujak
 East Germany
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Tatyana Skachko
 Soviet Union
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The Women's Long Jump at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Soviet Union had an entry list of 21 competitors, with two qualifying groups (21 jumpers) before the final (13) took place on Thursday July 31, 1980. The Top-12 and ties and all those reaching 6.50 metres advanced to the final.[1]


Veteran Lidiya Alfeyeva led the qualifying, her 6.78m was just .04 off Viorica Viscopoleanu's Olympic record from Mexico City a dozen years earlier.

In the first round of the final, Tatyana Skachko bounced the Olympic record by 12cm to 6.96m. By the end of the round, Brigitte Wujak (6.88m) and Tatyana Kolpakova had also surpassed the previous mark. In the second round, Anna Włodarczyk also jumped past the old mark. In the third round, Skachko upped the mark past 7 metres to 7.01m. Over the next two rounds, the silver medal position tightened as Włodarczyk equalled Wujak's 6.88m, though Wujak held the second best 6.87m tiebreaker, while Kolpakova also had a 6.87m. In the final round, Siegrun Siegl also added yet another 6.87m to the competition. Skachko didn't improve but Włodarczyk jumped 6.95m to take over the silver position for a moment. The next jumper was Kolpakova, who took off remarkably close to the edge of the board. TV replays showed the Soviet judge hesitate, start to hold up the red (foul) flag, then settling on the white flag to make it a legal jump for the Soviet athlete. The jump was measured at 7.06m, a new Olympic record, Kolpakova had leapfrogged the field to take the lead. Wujak followed her with a 7.04m to take the silver position, pushing Skachko to bronze and Włodarczyk off the podium.


Gold Tatyana Kolpakova
 Soviet Union
Silver Brigitte Wujak
 East Germany
Bronze Tatyana Skachko
 Soviet Union

Qualification Round[edit]

  • Held on Wednesday July 30, 1980
1.  Tatyana Kolpakova (URS) 6.70 m
2.  Susan Hearnshaw (GBR) 6.66 m
3.  Brigitte Wujak (GDR) 6.65 m
4.  Jarmila Nygrýnová (TCH) 6.58 m
5.  Siegrun Siegl (GDR) 6.53 m
6.  Jennifer Inniss (GUY) 6.44 m
7.  Mária Pap (HUN) 6.41 m
8.  Maroula Lambrou (GRE) 6.37 m
9.  Ekaterina Nedeva (BUL) 5.83 m
10.  Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Na (VIE) 5.35 m

1.  Lidiya Alfeyeva (URS) 6.78 m
2.  Siegrid Heimann (GDR) 6.71 m
3.  Anna Włodarczyk (POL) 6.58 m
4.  Tatyana Skachko (URS) 6.56 m
5.  Lidiya Gusheva (BUL) 6.56 m
6.  Sue Reeve (GBR) 6.48 m
7.  Barbara Baran-Wojnar (POL) 6.44 m
8.  Margit Papp (HUN) 6.32 m
9.  Dorothy Scott (JAM) 5.83 m
 Dia Toutounji (SYR) DNS
 Estella Meheux (SLE) DNS


Med 1.png  Tatyana Kolpakova (URS) 7.06 m
Med 2.png  Brigitte Wujak (GDR) 7.04 m
Med 3.png  Tatyana Skachko (URS) 7.01 m
4.  Anna Włodarczyk (POL) 6.95 m
5.  Siegrun Siegl (GDR) 6.87 m
6.  Jarmila Nygrýnová (TCH) 6.83 m
7.  Siegrid Heimann (GDR) 6.71 m
8.  Lidiya Alfeyeva (URS) 6.71 m
9.  Susan Hearnshaw (GBR) 6.50 m
10.  Sue Reeve (GBR) 6.46 m
11.  Barbara Baran-Wojnar (POL) 6.33 m
12.  Lidiya Gusheva (BUL) 6.24 m
13.  Jennifer Inniss (GUY) 6.10 m

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