Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Men's marathon

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Men's marathon
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
Estadio Olimpico de Montjuic - panoramio.jpg
Estadio Olimpico de Montjuic (2007)
VenueEstadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, Barcelona
DateAugust 9
Competitors110 from 72 nations
Winning time2:13:23
1st place, gold medalist(s) Hwang Young-Cho
 South Korea
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Koichi Morishita
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Stephan Freigang
← 1988
1996 →

The men's marathon at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, was held on Sunday August 9, 1992. The race started at 18:30h local time. One hundred and ten athletes from 72 nations started; 87 athletes completed the race, with Pyambuugiin Tuul from Mongolia finishing in last position in 4:00:44 (the first Olympic marathon runner to finish over 4 hours since 1908).[1] The maximum number of athletes per nation had been set at 3 since the 1930 Olympic Congress. The event was won by Hwang Young-Cho of South Korea, the nation's first Olympic men's marathon medal. Koichi Morishita's silver was Japan's first medal in the event since 1968. Stephan Freigang of Germany took bronze, the first medal for Germany in the event though East Germany had won two golds (both by Waldemar Cierpinski) during partition.


This was the 22nd appearance of the event, which is one of 12 athletics events to have been held at every Summer Olympics. Returning runners from the 1988 marathon included seven of the top eight finishers: gold medalist Gelindo Bordin of Italy, silver medalist Douglas Wakiihuri of Kenya, bronze medalist Hussein Ahmed Salah of Djibouti, fourth-place finisher Takeyuki Nakayama of Japan, fifth-place finisher Steve Moneghetti and eighth-place finisher Robert de Castella of Australia, and seventh-place finisher Juma Ikangaa of Tanzania. The world record holder, Belayneh Dinsamo of Ethiopia, did not enter; the 1991 world champion, Hiromi Taniguchi of Japan, did. The field was "very wide open as nobody had dominated the event in the preceding years."[2]

Aruba, Bahrain, Cameroon, Liechtenstein, Mauritania, Mongolia, Namibia, San Marino, Slovenia, and Syria each made their first appearance in Olympic men's marathons; some former Soviet republics appeared as the Unified Team in the team's only Summer Games. The United States made its 21st appearance, most of any nation, having missed only the boycotted 1980 Games.

Competition format and course[edit]

As all Olympic marathons, the competition was a single race. The marathon distance of 26 miles, 385 yards was run over a point-to-point route starting at Mataró and finishing at the Olympic Stadium. The course ran along the Catalan coast, finishing with a "brutal" climb of 150 metres up Montjuïc to the stadium. Because of the timing of the race so close to the closing ceremony, an alternate finish line outside the stadium was used for runners finishing in over 2 hours and 45 minutes.[2]


These were the standing world and Olympic records prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics.

World record  Belayneh Dinsamo (ETH) 2:06:50 Rotterdam, Netherlands 17 April 1988
Olympic record  Carlos Lopes (POR) 2:09:21 Los Angeles, United States 12 August July 1984

No new world or Olympic bests were set during the competition.


It was a hot day (27° C. or 80° F.), somewhat mitigated by the late start at 6:30 p.m. The schedule put the top finishers in the stadium just before the closing ceremony started, but slower runners could not finish in the stadium due to the ceremony.

All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Date Time Round
Sunday, 9 August 1992 18:30 Final


Rank Athlete Nation Time
1st place, gold medalist(s) Hwang Young-Cho  South Korea 2:13:23
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Koichi Morishita  Japan 2:13:45
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Stephan Freigang  Germany 2:14:00
4 Takeyuki Nakayama  Japan 2:14:02
5 Salvatore Bettiol  Italy 2:14:15
6 Salah Kokaich  Morocco 2:14:25
7 Jan Huruk  Poland 2:14:32
8 Hiromi Taniguchi  Japan 2:14:42
9 Diego García  Spain 2:14:56
10 Kim Jae-Ryong  South Korea 2:15:01
11 Harri Hänninen  Finland 2:15:19
12 Steve Spence  United States 2:15:21
13 Ed Eyestone  United States 2:15:23
14 Boniface Merande  Kenya 2:15:46
15 Bert van Vlaanderen  Netherlands 2:15:47
16 Rex Wilson  New Zealand 2:15:51
17 Bob Kempainen  United States 2:15:53
18 Rodrigo Gavela  Spain 2:16:23
19 Karel David  Czechoslovakia 2:16:34
20 Leszek Beblo  Poland 2:16:38
21 Wiesław Perszke  Poland 2:16:38
22 Yakov Tolstikov  Unified Team 2:17:04
23 Tena Negere  Ethiopia 2:17:07
24 Osmiro Silva  Brazil 2:17:16
25 Abel Mokibe  South Africa 2:17:24
26 Robert de Castella  Australia 2:17:44
27 Steve Brace  Great Britain 2:17:49
28 Kim Wan-gi  South Korea 2:18:32
29 Isidro Rico  Mexico 2:18:52
30 Hussein Ahmed Salah  Djibouti 2:19:04
31 Dominique Chauvelier  France 2:19:09
32 José Montiel  Spain 2:19:15
33 Thabiso Moqhali  Lesotho 2:19:28
34 Juma Ikangaa  Tanzania 2:19:34
35 Derek Froude  New Zealand 2:19:37
36 Douglas Wakiihuri  Kenya 2:19:38
37 Ibrahim Hussein  Kenya 2:19:49
38 Gyula Borka  Hungary 2:20:46
39 Dave Long  Great Britain 2:20:51
40 Mirko Vindiš  Slovenia 2:21:03
41 Paul Davies-Hale  Great Britain 2:21:15
42 Elphas Ginindza  Swaziland 2:21:15
43 Rolando Vera  Ecuador 2:21:30
44 Alessio Faustini  Italy 2:21:37
45 Luis Soares  France 2:21:57
46 Paul Kuété  Cameroon 2:22:43
47 Helmut Schmuck  Austria 2:23:38
48 Steve Moneghetti  Australia 2:23:42
49 Konrad Dobler  Germany 2:23:44
50 Ralombo Mwenze  Zaire 2:23:47
51 John Treacy  Ireland 2:24:11
52 Herman Suizo  Philippines 2:25:18
53 Peter Reynierse  Aruba 2:25:31
54 Nelson Zamora  Uruguay 2:25:32
55 Daniel Böltz  Switzerland 2:25:50
56 Joseildo da Silva  Brazil 2:26:00
57 Juan Camacho  Bolivia 2:26:01
58 Cephas Matafi  Zimbabwe 2:26:17
59 Mohamed Selmi  Algeria 2:26:56
60 Ildephonse Sehirwa  Rwanda 2:27:44
61 Zerehune Gizaw  Ethiopia 2:28:25
62 Jaime Ojeda  Chile 2:28:39
63 Smartex Tambala  Malawi 2:29:02
64 Pascal Zilliox  France 2:30:02
65 Luis López  Costa Rica 2:30:26
66 Gian Luigi Macina  San Marino 2:30:45
67 Abdou Manzo  Niger 2:31:15
68 Roland Willie  Liechtenstein 2:31:32
69 Frank Kayele  Namibia 2:31:41
70 Hari Bahadur Rokaya  Nepal 2:32:26
71 Kuruppu Karunaratne  Sri Lanka 2:32:26
72 Tommy Hughes  Ireland 2:32:55
73 William Aguirre  Nicaragua 2:34:18
74 Ferdinand Amadi  Central African Republic 2:35:39
75 Mohamed Khamis Taher  Libya 2:35:46
76 Dieudonné LaMothe  Haiti 2:36:11
77 Myint Kan  Myanmar 2:37:39
78 Calvin Dallas  Virgin Islands 2:38:11
79 Saad Mubarak Ali  Bahrain 2:39:19
80 Ryu Ok-hyon  North Korea 2:40:51
81 Alain Razahasoa  Madagascar 2:41:41
82 Michael Lopeyok  Uganda 2:42:54
83 Benjamin Keleketu  Botswana 2:45:57
84 Moussa El-Hariri  Syria 2:47:06
85 Lưu Văn Hùng  Vietnam 2:56:42
86 Hussein Haleem  Maldives 3:04:16
87 Pyambuugiin Tuul  Mongolia 4:00:44
Apolinario Belisle  Honduras DNF
Abebe Mekonnen  Ethiopia DNF
Bineshwar Prasad  Fiji DNF
Peter Maher  Canada DNF
Diamantino dos Santos  Brazil DNF
Luketz Swartbooi  Namibia DNF
John Burra  Tanzania DNF
Dionicio Cerón  Mexico DNF
Jorge González  Puerto Rico DNF
António Pinto Coelho  Portugal DNF
Gelindo Bordin  Italy DNF
Carlos Grisales  Colombia DNF
Alberto Cuba  Cuba DNF
Talal Omar Abdillahi  Djibouti DNF
Csaba Szűcs  Hungary DNF
Andy Ronan  Ireland DNF
Mohamed Ould Khalifa  Mauritania DNF
Tonnie Dirks  Netherlands DNF
Dionísio Castro  Portugal DNF
Joaquim Pinheiro  Portugal DNF
Jan Tau  South Africa DNF
Zithulele Sinqe  South Africa DNF
Simon Robert Naali  Tanzania DNF
Vladimir Bukhanov  Unified Team DNS
Salvador García  Mexico DNS

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