Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum

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Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum logo.png
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Coordinates44°52′38″N 63°32′00″W / 44.8772°N 63.5333°W / 44.8772; -63.5333

The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum is an aerospace museum located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada near the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

It is the only museum devoted to preserving all aspects of Atlantic Canada's aviation heritage.


The museum was established in 1975 by a volunteer organization named the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Society. It was granted "Local Museum" status by the Government of Nova Scotia in 1989. The museum is currently the most comprehensive collection east of Ottawa, Ontario.


The museum is located at 20 Sky Boulevard in Goffs, Nova Scotia, across Highway 102 from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. It can be accessed from Exit 6 on Highway 102.


The museum is affiliated with: Canadian Museums Association, Canadian Heritage Information Network, and Virtual Museum of Canada.


The museum's collection contains exhibits of civilian and military aircraft, as well as engines, weapons, uniforms, and photos.

Volunteers perform all restoration work for aircraft on site.

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