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Aquitani tribes at both sides of the Pyrenees.

The Ausci were an Aquitani pre-Roman tribe settled in what today is southwestern France, in the city of Elimberrum or Eliberris (from Basque, hiri: "city" and berri: "new"), present-day Auch in the French department of Gers. The Ausci spoke a form or dialect of the Aquitanian language, a precursor of the Basque language.[1]


They are mentioned as Ausci by Caesar (mid-1st c. BC), Pliny (1st c. AD) and Pomponius Mela (mid-1st c. AD),[2][3][4] and as Au̓skíois (Αὐσκίοις) by Strabo (early 1st c. AD).[5][6]

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